Warning for potential spoilers!

On this week’s Osomatsu-san…


The first skit is basically a parody of typical detective stories/shows, starring Osomatsu as the world famous detective. However, instead of being a good detective, Osomatsu is completely horrible at it, and is only so well-known because he’s really good at lightening the mood. Eventually, a killer to their murder mystery IS captured, but at the cost of several hundred victims…

Osomatsu: the worst detective in the world.

If you look real closely, you might find something interesting.

In the second skit, we return to the actual Osomatsu universe, following the events that occurred in episode 4. Totoko wants to quit being a, as she calls it, “fish idol.” In fact, she only ever wanted to become an idol in the first place because she wanted the fame and attention. The brothers blindly attempt to get fans for her, but all of their efforts fail. Eventually, Karamatsu’s words make Totoko realize that she will have to drop the fish act in order to really gain fans. However, Totoko ends up going an entirely different and completely terrifying route to fame instead…

I was taking a cap, and Iyami showed up in the split-second when I was moving to press the button, so hey there Iyami.

…at least she’s honest about being so self-absorbed…?

I completely agree.

My Opinion:

Oh man, this episode sure was something. The first act was pretty clever, in that it made fun of clichéd detective tropes. However, the skit also employs some really dark humor. I’m pretty ambivalent about dark/black humor usually, and I honestly found this particular skit a bit too horrifying to laugh at. It wasn’t the series’ fault; it’s just not my type of thing. All I have to say is poor, poor Karamatsu (and… basically everyone else that ended up getting killed due to Osomatsu’s incompetence).

The second act had a bit more of that Osomatsu-san charm I was waiting for these past few episodes. And hey, we also get to learn a bit more about Totoko! As I expected, Totoko is completely self-absorbed; basically only using the brothers for her own means. Iyami’s presence was welcome here, as he was the only “sane man” of this skit. Man, when a girl is involved, the Matsuno siblings sure act like a bunch of idiots. Even Ichimatsu isn’t immune to her charms! Probably what I liked best about the second act is how melodramatic it was. That ending was also… rather dark but it was also hilarious because it was so completely out of left field.

Anyway, I enjoyed this episode overall more than the last few episodes of Osomatsu-san. As great as the weird skits are (like the detective one in this episode), I do wish that Osomatsu-san featured more of the brothers going about in their daily lives. I feel that the series is at its strongest when the focus is solely on more wacky “slice-of-life” humor.

Out of five for this episode:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

You guys are completely hopeless.