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Anyway, there are MASSIVE SPOILERS for this episode so be warned.



In the first act, Karamatsu hangs out with Chibita and accidentally gets recruited into being Chibita’s apprentice.

So glad to see these two becoming good friends.

In the second act, Jyuushimatsu surprisingly gets a girlfriend. His brothers are all supportive of him, but unfortunately, life isn’t a fairy tale story…

Just a typical day in the Matsuno household.
I still wish we could have at least known her name…
Jyuushi was always my favorite brother so this episode hit me extra hard.

My Opinion: (also, trigger warning for mentions of suicide discussed within this post)

This episode was composed of two acts, but the main focus of the episode was obviously on the second act. Due to this, the skit with Karamatsu and Chibita felt extremely weak. It wasn’t even very funny by Osomatsu-san standards. And honestly, it felt like it was tacked on to fill in air time more than anything else. At least the nice thing about it is that it confirms that Karamatsu and Chibita have become good friends.

The second act, oh boy. It was surprisingly heartwarming and heartbreaking all at the same time. I really was expecting some kind of cruel comedy twist, but fortunately the episode played the drama straight. As the title card says, this act is about Jyuushimatsu meeting a girl whom he falls in love with. As his brothers eventually find out, this girl (who is never named) falls in love with him too. Unfortunately, she has to leave to go back to her family, but Jyuushi manages to cheer her up one last time before she leaves.

The thing I loved most about this act was how subtle some of the visual cues were. A lot of people were confused about the slight side-plot where Osomatsu visits a porn store, but I think it’s supposed to hint at the girl’s backstory. It’s pretty much stated that Osomatsu found one of the videos she starred in. But that’s not the whole story. We later find out that the girl tried to kill herself, and Jyuushi managed to save her and give her back some sort of happiness. If you look closely at her wrists in the beach scene, you’ll see that she has bandages on one of her wrists. Apparently, this isn’t the first time she’s tried to kill herself. If you remember the scene with Osomatsu in the porn store, it all starts making sense. The girl probably had to work as a porn actress out of desperation—she obviously wasn’t happy about it. Which led to her trying to kill herself, which led to her meeting Jyuushi. Another subtle visual cue occurs at the end, where the girl is clutching her wrist which now has Jyuushi’s baseball armband wrapped around it. The girl is using her memories of Jyuushi to will herself to keep on living.

There are no words that I have to describe how much I loved this act. Not only does it actually portray attempted suicide, but it portrays it in an utterly serious way—which is just what media should portray it as. While the reveal of the girl’s attempted suicide was a plot twist, it wasn’t used solely to be some sort of cheap plot gimmick. Instead, most of the act is dedicated to the girl’s recovery thanks to Jyuushimatsu’s support. I think that’s the most important message here—it doesn’t matter who you are, what a person who is contemplating suicide needs most is support. Even just one person showing that they care makes a difference. The ending to this episode was just so great. Sad, but great. Despite his tears, Jyuushi remains strong in order to cheer the girl up. Also, his farewell. “We’ll see each other again!” That just about killed me.

I love anime that can make me laugh as well as cry. And I loved that Jyuushi was chosen as the “main character” of this act. He’s really shown in this episode that he’s not just the “comic relief” character. Even though he’s a bit bizarre at times, can you imagine how much better the world would be if we all knew someone like Jyuushimatsu?

Out of five for this episode:

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Even if the first act was weak, the second act makes up for it and more.

*whispers* I just want them to be happy