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A new threat has emerged, from the sea this time, as a race of sea monsters announce their intent to take over the land and kill all the humans. Whilst a Class B hero called Stinger manages to defeat most of them, J City is evacuated as the strongest of the monsters – the Sea King himself – proves to be more powerful than the rest.
Numerous heroes attempt to stop the Sea King – including the ridiculous Puri Puri Prisoner and Sonic, who have broken free from jail, but are unsuccessful. (Sonic at least managed to escape, being apparently under protection of the ‘main cast’ spell. Just, uh, without any clothes on.) All the while Mumen Rider tries to actually find the Sea King because dammit he just tries his best, even if he only has a crappy bicycle to get around on.


Mumen Rider reminds me of the crushing disappointment that was Samurai Flamenco. I hope he can be better than that.


so did these two get lost on their way to One Piece or what

I kind of like Mumen Rider because he’s so ridiculous, but he still didn’t get to do much in this episode besides give a few sight gags. One of the things in the episode that made me laugh the most was the fact that he didn’t want to run a red light in a clearly abandoned city, meaning he cares far more about following road rules than getting to the monsters in time. I have no idea how he’s managed to get himself the apparent amount of recognition he has so far (unless it really was entirely his accidental stealing of Saitama’s credit) but maybe he’ll actually get a chance to shine in the next episode. (Or not. Like I said before, it’s probably funnier if he doesn’t.)

All that said, to be honest…I wasn’t that thrilled with this episode. While the show had been going in an interesting direction before, this was just felt like more of the same from earlier…only drawn out a lot more. Saitama and Genos took a back seat for the majority of the episode and so pretty much the entire thing was various heroes being beaten, or in Sonic’s case, barely escaping. Most of these other Heroes are honestly just not that interesting (Stinger is okay, I guess) and in PuriPuri Prisoner’s case, borderline offensive (yes, I know the super gay okama dude is a tired comedy staple in Japan, but no, that doesn’t make it automatically free from criticism, and it was a template utilized pretty lazily here. The whole magical girl transformation was pretty funny but he was just a cliche of an already bad joke otherwise. And I’m not even going to touch the fact that he was apparently only a prisoner because he ‘couldnt stop attacking gorgeous men’).¬† The Sea King isn’t the worst villain of the show so far, but he’s still the same kind of gloating ‘PUNY HUMANS’ kind of dude we’ve already seen before. That and the fact that the animation was nowhere near as impressive as it has been until now just resulted in a kind of ho-hum twenty-odd minutes for me.

The episode ends on a cliffhanger, with Genos about to face the Sea King at the evacuation centre before he can kill the people there, and both Saitama and Mumen Rider slowly on their way. Stretching this storyline out doesn’t really thrill me (I spent most of the episode wishing Saitama would hurry up and get there and just end it already), but hopefully the next one is better all the same.


two characters got buck naked in this episode for no real reason.


Just an idea but maybe you’d have better time management if you spent more time heading for the danger zone and less time standing around making this face.

Out of 5,

Episode 9


yeah yeah hell yeah

It’s time for another Genos fight! Genos lost again! Better luck next time, Genos!
Mumen Rider finally arrives on the scene and surprises everyone by actually doing something, to reveal the incredible truth…….that he actually sucks a lot more than anticipated, and can’t really do anything against Sea King except distract him from finishing off Genos. He does manage to stall enough time for Saitama to arrive and finally end the fight with the Sea King – in clear view of all the evacuees.
Unfortunately, the people prove once again that they are easily swayed by lone opinions when one guy in the crowd proposes that the Sea King probably wasn’t actually that strong if a C rank like Saitama defeated it, and the logical conclusion must be that the A and S heroes actually just suck even more than him. In order to defend the honour of the wounded heroes, Saitama decides to let them think that he really is a selfish credit-stealer and that the other heroes had weakened the Sea King for him first.

Thus, while Genos’s popularity is on the rise and he receives a hefty load of fanmail, Saitama only gets hate mail…although he did manage to make one fan and potential new friend – Mumen Rider.

meanwhile Sonic does nothing as usual.


Genos gets pretty grotesquely disfigured in this part but…how and when did he repair himself afterwards? He was good as new!



Well, that’s more like it! I found this episode to be a lot more enjoyable content-wise, but that’s also because that goddamn Sea King fight finally ended. Although, it did result in a lot of important developments happening – namely Saitama no longer giving a damn what the citizens think of him (at least, even less than he did already). I already pointed this out before, but for such a goofy show and character, Saitama really is solidly written. When I realized that he was acting like a jerk solely so that people would direct their anger at him instead of the fallen heroes, I was pretty moved. And on that note, I say ‘fallen’ but miraculously these guys are all still alive. I don’t know if they’ll do more later on, but I kind of hope they¬† don’t, except for Mumen Mask, because they’re really not very good characters.

Also, we finally get to see Mumen Rider do…something. I was actually surprised by this because I was fully expecting the fact that he never gets to do anything would be a running joke and we never actually find out how powerful or weak he is, but he really is weak – he’s literally just a dude on a bike. As soon as I realized how weak he was it was pretty obvious that he was going to stall for time until Saitama arrived – so, once again, there’s not really any tension in this fight at all, but that’s really not the point. This fight in particular proved especially that the plot is not about who wins (always Saitama) or how (always in one hit), but the growing effects of this on both the citizens and other heroes. Speaking of the other (stronger) heroes, where the hell are they? The higher rank ones seem to have little regard or care for anything they deem ‘beneath’ them. Although I did kind of laugh at Sonic not getting to contribute to the fight in this episode solely because he got there too late, because he apparently had to go back and put some damn clothes on.

In terms of negatives, this episode did kind of show that my worst fear could be happening – the budget is dropping. The fights looked better than in the last episode, but there was a noticeable dip in quality with The Genos Fight. In One Punch Man, the Genos Fights are always the most lovingly animated (and also have the coolest music, because Genos just has an awesome battle theme), and when people rave about the animation in this show it’s always a Genos Fight clip that they’ll show – ironic considering the fact that he always loses – but this one definitely had less of the usual flash. It’s not that it looked bad, but the decline is noticeable. I’m really hoping this means they’re conserving the budget for the final episodes.


Uh-oh, Aimai Mask got the Foreboding Angle!


Mumen Rider is a pretty cool guy after all.

Out of 5,