Harsh, Osomatsu.


Iyami is still poor and homeless. However, he gets an idea after witnessing an event in the park. With Chibita’s and Dayon’s “aid,” Iyami decides to make them all (himself included) into “rental girlfriends” in order to earn easy cash. However, it falls through because… let’s face it, Iyami and Chibita are just not that pretty. The two take it personally after the Matsuno brothers insult them, and make it their number 1 goal in life to become “pretty.” They eventually¬†enlist the help of Dekapan, who gives them some miracle medicine that can make them into pretty ladies. Surprisingly, it works! And so, their plan to completely ruin the sextuplets begins.

I dunno, Chibita looks pretty cute in that.
Boy are those some anime eyes.

Unfortunately, their scheme may have worked just a tad TOO well, and Iyami’s and Chibita’s greed¬†eventually returns to bite them in the behind.

Okay, I admit it. Iyami’s actually pretty hot.
Of course Todo would go for the cute girls.
I just love this cap.

My Opinion:

I’m having massive mixed feelings about this episode, for a few reasons.

There’s a pretty big debate on tumblr right now that this episode could be transphobic. I can… kind of see that? The episode could be seen as one long “lol men in drag” joke, but I feel like that wasn’t the main punchline. Also, Japan has different cultural values, and we shouldn’t try to shove Western values into it. NONETHELESS, I am not real fond of the the “dudes in dresses” joke because that’s a really lame and over-played joke. Fortunately (imo), I felt that the main gag of this episode was more about Iyami and Chibita getting really mad about their extremely petty rivalry with the brothers rather than them being in drag. Also, the brothers got mad at the duo not because “ew, the woman I was dating was actually a man”; but rather because the duo scammed them of all their money and possessions. Of course, this is just my two cents on the issue. If people are upset over the episode because of what they perceive to be transphobia, then they have the right to be upset, and I can’t stop that.

Personally, I was more upset over Jyuushi apparently forgetting his true love in episode 9. I know Osomatsu-san is an extremely episodic series and all, but come on. That just ruins the effect of what happened in episode 9. At least Jyuushi seemed to just be going along with his brothers for the fun of it rather than actually being super enchanted with Iyami and Chibita, but idk.

Overall, an okay episode. The jokes were okay I guess? Seeing Iyami and Chibita completely ruin the brothers was kinda fun, because let’s face it, the brothers (barring Jyuushi) can be huge jerkwads at times; and I feel like the brothers weren’t completely undeserving of what happened to them. Also, Chibimi (?) was super cute, and there’s bound to be a lot of fanart for them in the upcoming days.

Out of five for this episode:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2

Should have stopped while you were ahead.