Merry Christmas I guess.


This episode was a bunch of Christmas shorts put together. There were skits focusing on Ichimatsu scaring away a couple; one with Karamatsu getting conned; one with Totoko in an otome game parody; the Matsuno brothers passing around presents; Iyami in a “Little Match Girl” parody; Dekapon and Dayon celebrating Christmas Eve; Jyuushi waiting for Santa; the bros hanging out with Chibita; and finally, a skit where the brothers all attempt to ask Totoko out on a date.

I think Totoko looks the best in this style, imo
Did the “we’re bitter virgins” joke really need to go on this long, seriously.
Iyami looks surprisingly good in dresses.
Thank you Jyuushi, for being so pure and innocent.

My Opinion:

If you liked this episode, then just a warning because I’m going to rip into it, so here goes.

This was probably my least favorite Osomatsu-san episode to date. Why? Because so many of the punchlines were “it’s Christmas Eve but we don’t have any girlfriends baaaaaaaaaw.” If you didn’t know about it, it is apparently an informal Japanese “tradition” that couples have sex on Christmas Eve. So the “lonely virgin whines about being single on Christmas Eve” is a trope that is often used in anime aimed at the more “adult” audience, and I was really sad to see it in Osomatsu-san. Firstly because it is a lame and over-used joke in anime, and Osomatsu-san has shown that it is generally more clever than that. Secondly, I like the Matsuno brothers; but not when they’re throwing fits about being single virgins like gigantic man-children. That isn’t fun to watch at all. And thirdly, I just hate this mentality that you MUST have sex or else you’re a loser or whatever. It’s a really damaging mindset that’s far too often pushed by society, and this episode just kinda enforces it. I also didn’t like it because of one of the skits towards the end. I might be over-reading this, but nice job saying women are materialistic Osomatsu-san.

Anyway, I did like some things about this episode, such as Totoko’s skit. It was hilarious for being an over-the-top parody of cliched otome game tropes. I also liked Jyuushi’s skit because it was oddly adorable (even if the ending was a bit… terrifying? Damn Jyuushi, what are you). Also, Iyami’s skit was pretty good too, despite being a parody of one of the saddest Christmas-related stories out there.

Overall, this episode was just not my thing. The animation was good (bishonen-mode Matsuno bros make an appearance here again), but I just wasn’t really enchanted with this episode being so hyper-focused on the brothers being bitter virgins. Like, as much as I hate holidays where sex is a big thing involved with it (looking at you, Valentine’s Day); it’s also just as grating to hear single people whine about being single. But mainly, I’m just disappointed because all I wanted was a cutesy Christmas episode dammit.

Out of five for this episode:

precure heart2 and 1/2

These clothing styles fit the brothers so well.