Why the hell does an episodic comedic anime need a recap episode anyway?


This is just one big recap episode, under the guise of being a “special episode” meant to find out who is the “biggest loser” out of all the Matsuno brothers. Hosted by Osomatsu and Totoko, with limited animation.

I still attempted to take screencaps though; because I might as well review this since I had to watch it.
I mostly just grabbed screens of some of the more unique poses Osomatsu and Totoko did.

My Opinion:

Wow, and I thought last week’s episode was bad. This one was just plain lazy. Recap episodes happen, and they’re almost universally hated. At least other series attempt to add some new material, because it felt like Osomatsu-san didn’t even try. Now, recap episodes already tend to the the “worst” episode in a series, but this was honestly the worst recap episode I’ve ever seen. It was so dull and boring–which is surprising coming from the Osomatsu-san anime.

But the main question I want to ask is, “why was this even necessary?” I suppose the production team needed to fill out the “12 episode quota” but didn’t have the time/resources; what with the first episode needing to be remade for the blu-rays. I’m also sensing that the production team didn’t even realize the series would be popular enough to get a second cour. HOWEVER, that’s no excuse to toss out something this lazy. If they didn’t have the time to make a new episode, just take a week’s break. It would honestly be less insulting than having to sit through this.

So yeah, this was a bad episode. It was just a clip-show made up of the “funniest” moments in the past 11 episodes; but since there was no material from the first episode it was really more like 10 episodes. The only new material present is Osomatsu’s and Totoko’s banter, which sadly wasn’t really that funny. Man, it’d be great if this episode had managed to get the entire cast together to riff on the clips Mystery Science Theater 3000 style. That might have actually saved this episode. But alas, that didn’t happen.

Out of five for this episode:

precure heart2

Just skip this episode unless you’re really craving more Osomatsu-san this week. You won’t miss much. I was so bored by this ep that I mainly browsed other sites with this playing in the background.

what a surprise