Meet our main female lead, who turns out to actually be a weirdo.


This episode was split into two acts.

In the first act, we are introduced to the main story: Kokonotsu is the son of a candy shop owner. You-san (Kokonotsu’s dad) wants him to take over the candy shop, but all Kokonotsu wants to do is to become a mangaka. One summer, Hotaru—an oddball with a huge sweet-tooth—drops by the shop. She is the daughter and heir to the Shidare sweets company, and came to the candy shop in order to relay the message that Shidare is looking to hire You. However, You-san refuses to leave the shop… unless Hotaru can somehow convince Kokonotsu to take over it. And thus, Hotaru makes this her sole mission.

This is pretty close to my reaction when I found out I didn’t take any screencaps at all of any of the candy/snacks shown… whoops.

In the second act, we are introduced to the twins, Tou and Saya, who run a café. Saya has a crush on Kokonotsu, but he’s oblivious to her affection. Saya ends up meeting Hotaru, and they hit it off… sorta.

I don’t really like this chick…

My Opinion:

Before the winter anime season started proper, I was expecting this anime to be the one I would blog for the winter season, because it was the series with the most interesting premise. Well… I’m not so sure about that anymore.

It’s still a charming series, but the attempted humor just isn’t that… humorous. I feel like this series would be more entertaining to read (in a manga) because the timing on the gags feels a bit off. The gags either come too often, too soon, such as Hotaru’s entire introduction sequence. OR, the gags are drawn out way too long, such as the café scene with Saya.

Although the humor isn’t really doing it for me, the characters themselves are alright. Hotaru is genuinely weird, but I like that even the other characters acknowledge it. By the end of the episode, I actually found Hotaru somewhat endearing. You-san is also a pretty great character. His appearance makes him look like a super tough guy, but he’s actually a big softie—perhaps that’s just what happens to you when you run a candy shop? The only character I outright dislike at this point is Saya. I’m sorry, but clingy-jealous types are a huge turn-off for me, whether they are male or female.

The thing that drew me to this series initially was the premise (an old-fashioned candy shop!) and the art style. The art style is quite different from what you usually see; and now that I think about it, it actually reminds me a lot of “I can’t understand what my husband is saying”s style. Animation-wise, the episode was fine, but I did notice that the anime studio cut corners by having a really lazily animated OP and ED. Also, yes; there was a “guy walks in on girl naked” scene. Thankfully, it wasn’t between Hotaru and the main lead; but rather between her and Kokonotsu’s friend, Tou. Also, it gets resolved pretty quickly. I think the thing I’m actually most amazed by is that Hotaru is completely unfazed by it, and instead of slapping Tou or something, she actually apologizes. Wow. It was after Tou’s sister (Saya) knocked him out, but still.

Overall, this was an okay anime. I’m actually more interested in the candy and snack facts than I am about the characters and plot. If I can’t find any other anime that appeals to me this season, I’ll probably blog Dagashi Kashi. It’s worth another peek, at least.

Out of five:

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You-san is best dad.