Buntarou (usually just called “Bunta” by people who know him) is a high schooler with no ambitions or goals in life whatsoever. His two best friends are Atomu (a girly looking boy) and Yuuka (a tomboyish girl in the drama club). Since he has no real ambitions, Bunta spends most of his days at his part-time job and hanging out with his friends.

Even though Atomu’s entire schtick is that he’s an asshole with a kind face, he’s still far more interesting to me than the lead MC.

His life changes (for better or worse) after he’s cornered by Kuroda, a mysterious black-haired girl, in the boy’s restroom. She asks him to meet with her at the nearby amusement park so that they can discuss some private matters. Bunta agrees, and spends the whole day with Kuroda, who continues to act mysterious. It is only at the end of the day that Kuroda reveals her true intentions—this “date” was simply a way for Kuroda to test Bunta’s skills, and he passed! Kuroda then proceeds to ask him to join her in achieving her dream: which is to make a truly great bishojo game.

What kind of world do you live in where making bishojo games is the key to fame and fortune?
Nice Madoka reference.

My Opinion:

I’d feel a lot less bitter towards this anime if it didn’t just spend most of the episode faffing about, all so they could reveal the “twist” ending that was basically stated outright in the summary for this series. Yes, this is basically like Saekano, except instead of it being the dude who wants to make an bishojo game, it’s the girl. And also the girl is basically Keima from TWGOK, minus the “wanting to make bishojo games” part. She has the “this world is rubbish, etc. etc.” personality point down pat, though.

Honestly, this anime isn’t bad perse… just very, very dull. It follows typical anime tropes too closely and doesn’t really do its own thing. Let’s see… there’s the mysterious black-haired girl (always black-haired, always); the lead dude has no ambitions or aspirations; the secondary male character is way more interesting than the lead male but probably won’t have too much impact on the plot; and also there’s a “genki” female character who is already an established friend of the MC. The thing that actually infuriates me the most is that this anime also follows the trope of making genki-type female characters really damn obnoxious. I really love well-written genki female characters, but all too often they’re reduced to brash/loud characters who have no concept of personal space and frequently act like hyperactive children. Either that, or they’re made into the “ditz”. This series seems to go with the former, but it’s still painful to watch.

ANYWAY, the plot of this series isn’t really bad, but it feels uninspired. Bland boy who meets a strange girl who changes his life is a dime-a-dozen in the anime world. The humor in this show so far is also pretty “by the numbers” and it feels lazy. The show does have decent animation, and at least there’s no real fanservice (yet), but the weird close-ups of Yuuka’s thighs started wigging me out by the third time it happened. Overall, an okay series, but it could probably have been executed better.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2