Her eyes really creep me tho

We begin with a preview of what’s to come. A group of students playing together in the school orchestra.

The main character, Chika, a former volleyball champ, has decided to change to joining the brass band, playing the flute. After being harassed by the volleyball team, she states this, and a desire to become more ‘feminine’. She runs into a childhood friend, Kamijo, who reveals her ‘energetic’ past, despite her desire to be more girly, if that’s even a thing.

Seeing some red paint on the music board, it plays out a haunting melody that is meant for the teacher. The 5 club members assemble and try to figure out the meaning, but are unable to do so just yet.

Meanwhile, Chika is seperated to learn how to play the flute from the beginning on her own, as the music teacher has not studied the instrument. Eventually, the message on the board is deciphered as being a love letter to the teacher. After rubbing out the notes, the group play the song out while Chika listens on, enthralled.

You lil sneak

It only rekindles her desire to play the flute once more, and that morning, she discovers that Kamijo is the one who wrote the love letter on the board. Horray for gays!

A lot happened in this episode, from a thorough introduction to the main duo, to an introduction to the teacher. To be honest, from the pretty nice animation and great quality, we have a pretty solid anime here. The lack of music in a lot of scenes, however, fell a bit short when you think about what this show is, which is a music show. I was impressed that they didn’t overplay the ‘gay’ side of Kamijo with his affections towards the teacher, either, even if, you know, there’s the creep factor involved.


I liked the protagonist, but I didn’t really feel much of an emotional connection to the show. Perhaps it simply isn’t to my taste, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad – quite the reverse! It has the potential to be something heart warming and cute.

But it’s simply not for me.

Out of 5,