This explains SO much – NOT.

This show is based on an Otome game. No wonder she’s so bloody boring.

We begin with a pink haired girl who doesn’t know her name, or anything about herself, wandering around in a snowscape, hoping to be picked up by a ‘ship.’ Eventually, she is, by a boy called Kakeru. In this anime, each of the main 11 have a specific power, his being over plantlife. He rescues pinkie and takes her aboard the ship.

Literally the only saving grace of this trash heap is the scenery porn.

We are slowly introduced to each character, if not by name. I think this is supposed to give an air of mystery, but to be honest, it comes across as more annoying. Kakeru shows pinkie around the ‘ship’, including a recluse called Senri. He reveals that all magical people could be enemies someday when dispatched to different locations. An Organisation called ‘the World’ is in charge of peacekeeping, and decides where to take the ship on a daily basis.

While picking a peach, they fall off the tree and pinkie has a flashback, learning her name of Koharu.

That’s it. That’s the episode.

Honestly, I went in blind, like I normally do with new anime nowdays. But goddamn this anime was boring. Very pretty, but boring. There was a sincere lack of any explanation other than what I have written above, and it honestly doesn’t make any kind of sense. There should’ve at least been some kind of introduction, right?

Nope. Just straight into boring-ville.


Theres so much I could gripe about here! With the crappy ‘intro’ to the incredibly annoying and boring protagonist, there’s so much left unsaid. That, and why would there be 11 teenagers running a ship?!

This anime hits all sorts of nope with me.

I rate it 1/2 of a Captain.