Don’t be fooled by the cute designs

Galko, a student who wears gyaru fashion, and her friend Otako the otaku talk about boobs. The next day, Galko is late for class, but it turns out it’s because she was watching anime.

Next, Galko is called on by the teacher to read in class and turns out to be a good actress, but is also too shy to read the kissing scene aloud. Then, Galko and some boys talk about pubic hair. Galko, Otako and a polite girl named Ojou eat lunch and talk about their digestive issues. Galko very loudly declares herself to be constipated. The next day, her bottom is sore from going the bathroom so much. The last topic of the episode is whether or not girls have butt hair.


This is a new low when it comes to animated shorts. Sure, the animation itself is decent, and Otako and Ojou’s designs are even fairly cute. But the content is just…awful. Not only is this a “cute girls talk and do nothing else” show, it’s a “cute girls talk about body hair and bodily functions” show. Seriously. In the course of this single 8-minute episode, Galko and friends discussed nipples, pubic hair, breast size, diahrrea/constipation, kancho, and butt hair. I guess Galko’s appeal is supposed to be that she is frank and forthright and not shy about these sort of things, but…still. I can’t fathom what kind of people want to listen to girls talking about their butt hair and diahrrea. I sure don’t.

Out of 5 Dios

Zero. Nope. None.

At least Otako’s design is tolerable