This show kind of looks like it was meant to air in 2006.

Some time quite far in the future, there exist both robots and cyborgs. The cyborgs have to learn how to use their robot bodies through a rehabilitation process which isnt successful for everybody. However, many individuals excel at learning to use these enhanced bodies, but for some reason (spoiler: the reason is because its an anime) the success rate is largely with those who are teenagers or younger.
Nene is one of these teenagers, whose fine motor skills are particularly commendable. A mysterious woman named Uzal and her catgirl cyborg Clarion meet her on a cruise liner en route to Cenancle Island and take an interest in her – and she to Clarion, whom she finds adorable.
Once Nene arrives on the island and begins to search for her aunt, she is shocked to find buildings being blown up and both Uzal and Clarion in the middle of it. She ends up getting caught up in their fight against a bunch of other girls controlling some robots and eventually ends up fighting with them – after Uzal gets her to upload a special program into her body from Clarion’s. This program is called the Pandora Device and is accessed by Nene sticking her finger into Clarion’s robo-crotch. ayup.


Clarion looks like this a lot in the show, and through a lot of the ending credits.

I knew about the weird robot fingering thing before coming into this show and I gotta say it…honestly wasn’t as sleazy as I expected it to be. For starters, it’s hard to really call it a ‘crotch’ at all,  it opens like a compartment and theres a scanner thing inside it that Nene just holds her finger over – it doesnt even make contact. The whole thing was actually more puzzling to me than anything else – there is no reason whatsoever for Clarion to have that activation port there of all places, and you’d think the obvious reason would be so that they could make the scene as creepily sexual as possible, but they…don’t? The girls are embarassed about it, and it does require Clarion to lift her skirt, but she doesn’t even have to pull her underwear down or anything (the compartment actually opens above where I expected it to be). I was all ready to make a joke about how the writer must have watched Chobits and wondered how to make that one scene creepier but now I got nothing. Personally I’m glad it wasn’t as sexual as I expected, considering Clarion looks like a ten-year-old. Anyway, that scene happens twice in this episode (the second time triggers a magical girl transformation because….robots can do that, I guess?) and it’s weird both times, and that’s all I really have to say about it.

The rest of the show just… was. It wasn’t terrible, it wasn’t particularly good, and the animation was pretty bad in several places. There are also moments where the characters go incredibly simplified and ridiculous looking for comic effect although its never really that funny and it seems a bit too forced.  The character designs are cute, though, and Nene and Clarion are kind of fun to watch, although they really do come across as somewhat dated to me and the art, ‘direction’ and even the music seems like its from the mid-late 00s. There’s the obvious sense that something isn’t right about Uzal – we don’t even really get to know the full plot in this episode alone but it’s an obvious setup for Nene and Clarion becoming fighting partners for some cause or other.

It’s probably my love of dolls talking but I actually did kinda like the fact that the cyborg bodies all have visible joints and hinges instead of just looking the same as human bodies. It makes Nene’s design slightly more interesting too. It would have been better if they actually animated it that way instead of her just looking like she had the joints drawn on with a sharpie, but the budget of this show doesn’t look very high to begin with so fair enough.

I might give this one more episode out of curiosity but I can’t really see it being anything more than an average show, and despite me being pleasantly surprised at how not creeped out I was by it, this is only the first episode. If you really like cute catgirls and robot girls then it’s worth checking out, but otherwise there’s not a lot to see.


Seriously though, we’re all scifi and then suddenly magical girl transformations?

Out of 5,