Unexpectedly pretty~

It’s a world where something called ‘Logic’ makes unusual paradox’s appear, which are creatures from another world that appear in a hellfire that kills all regular civilians. Everyone has their own specific ‘guardian’ of sorts, and basically everyone is a magical boy or girl, including our protagonist. However, these abilities become less in adulthood.

Paradox ‘zones’ appear at random, and have a rating of 1 through to 10 . A paradox level of 7.2 appears before our hero, along with his little sister. He distracts them, although he seems to be powerless right now.

I want to know more about this outfit….

It is further explained that ‘Logic’ is a piece of the person’s personality. Tsurugi forms a new bond with Athena, forming a different form from previously seen at the start of the episode. He is shown to be somewhat of an expert at this kind of battle. He has to re-assure his family that he won’t go crazy like ‘two years ago’.

And so, he goes off to live with the other members of this force, and we get a glimpse of the antagonist.

Boy meets girl, l o l

Hmmm, this show has caught my interest, for certain. I’m not sure what I think of it so far, as I feel it was a bit rushed in that not a lot was explained, yet a lot was? It’s hard to describe.

However, of the anime I’ve seen thus far this season, this one certainly waits up the top as the most interesting. I’m going to have to see where it goes from here, but if nothing else, this one is likely on the blogging arena~

Out for 5,