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Being sick is never fun… unless if you live in an anime.


In the first skit, the running gag is that all the brothers are sick, except for one brother. The one, unsick brother then generally makes life worse for his sick siblings. In the end, everyone does seem to get better, sorta…?

Karamatsu cares a lot about his siblings… too bad his siblings don’t really care about him.

In the second skit, the brothers start interrogating Todomatsu because there are a lot of things he has done that he hasn’t told them about. However, the brothers soon realize that they might not know each other as well as they thought.

Karamatsu has cemented himself as my second favorite Matsuno brother. How can I hate this giant dork.
Interrogation time!

In the last skit (after the credits), we have an AU where Todomatsu is a teacher and Choromatsu is a worrywart vice-principle. Totodmatsu attempts to pitch some culture festival ideas but Chroromatsu basically vetoes them all.

I generally don’t like jokes that are just “lol people are too PC” but at the same time I do agree that there needs to be some kind of balance between the two extremes.

My Opinion: (episode spoilers to follow)

This was an alright episode. I found the first skit to be much funnier than the two skits that followed it. The first skit portrayed each of the brothers’ personalities perfectly, and also shows off what each brother would do if the other five were incapacitated. Osomatsu swindles his brothers’ cash; Todomatsu attempts to murder his brothers; Ichimatsu goes corrupt with power; Karamatsu genuinely cares but gets sick again due to a lack of foresight, and Jyuushimatsu… at least Jyuushimatsu manages to heal everyone, for better or worse…

In the second skit, the focus again shifts to Todomatsu. I personally thought this one was a bit boring and a tad lazy, because the brothers are just having a long conversation and there’s limited animation. At least it seems like a fairly realistic situation for adult siblings who still live close together. I’m an only child so I couldn’t really relate, and I guess that’s part of the reason why I wasn’t charmed by this skit. Another reason may be that I’m just not that fond of Todomatsu.

The third skit also felt a bit dull to me. It’s obvious that they’re poking fun of “over-protective parent-types” but that’s such a low bar of comedy for a series like Osomatsu-san.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love Osomatsu-san. But as more episodes come out for this series, it’s starting to feel like the quality of humor is getting lower and lower. Or maybe my standards for comedy are too high? Whatever the case, I’m still waiting for Osomatsu-san to rekindle some its charm from the early episodes of season 1. Don’t let me down, Osomatsu-san!

Out of five for this episode, I give:

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