Tomoya looks like if Rin and Makoto from Free had a child together

Tomoya Matsunaga, Keiichi Katakura, Tsuyoshi Naoe, and Natsuki Hashiba are a group of high school friends. After being dumped by his girlfriend on Christmas Eve, Natsuki met a girl dressed as Santa handing out tissues and fell for her instantly. Of course, it turns out she happens to go to his school! While helping Keiichi’s older brother, who is a teacher, he sees the girl sleeping in the teachers’ room. He learns that her name is Kobayakawa and she comes to the teachers’ room often.

Later at karaoke, the boys debate if Kobayakawa is secretly dating Keiichi’s brother. Due to yet another coincidence, the girl herself is the one waiting on them. Natsuki finally introduces himself, but the girl doesn’t pay much attention to him. On his way to the restroom, he sees Kobayakawa being harassed by two scary-looking guys, and impulsively blurts out that she is his girlfriend. It turns out that the two men don’t speak any Japanese and were just trying to ask a question.

The next day, Natsuki is a mess, having determined that he has no shot at romance. He once again sees Kobayakawa sleeping in the teachers’ room, where she reaches out for him – but calls him “Sensei”.

Our main character

This show was pretty cute. I like the interactions between the main four males – they’re really goofy, but are genuinely good friends who care about each other. It was nice to see a mix of light hearted teasing and the others’ willing to come to Natsuki’s aid. If this show was going to be focused on the friendships between the boys, I think I would like it a lot better.

Unfortunately, this is pretty much a straight up romance show. Although only Kobayakawa was introduced in this episode, the opening shows each of the four boys paired up with a girl. There’s nothing wrong with romance shows, but they’re just not my cup of tea, and I could see myself getting bored with this show pretty quickly.

Still, it has a lot of high points. The character designs are really cute – I especially like Naoe’s and Kobayakawa’s. Though the decision to include both an OP and an ED in a 13-minute show seems a bit questionable to me, both songs were incredibly catchy, and I could definitely see myself listening to them some more. The boys’ insistence to Natsuki that love at first sight is a bit ridiculous, while still being willing to help him out in any way they can, was really sweet to see. It’s always clear throughout the episode that the four friends really do care!

All in all, Nijiro days is a very cute show that just happens to not be the kind of show I’m interested in. Therefore I likely will not be blogging it this season. Still, it was a good first episode and probably a great show for fans of romance!

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