Oh how edgy

In the future, humanity discovered a fourth dimension called “Dimension W”. Dimension W contained an unlimited supply of energy, which humans harvested in the form of “Coils”. All official Coils are controlled and distributed by a company called New Tesla Energy; unofficial, illegal Coils are ruthlessly hunted down and disposed of.

Kyoma Mabuchi is a Coil-hating man who works as an illegal Coil hunter under a woman named Mary. He is able to survive without using Coils by taking his payment in gasoline, which is now extremely expensive. In this episode, he is tasked with tracking down two brothers, Every and Johnny Won, who are suspected of illegal Coil use. Mabuchi easily takes out the brothers, in the process rescuing their captive, a girl named Mira. Mira displays super strength during a fight with Johnny and is revealed to be some kind of robot. Though Mabuchi is her rescuer, she slaps him and knocks him out.

Mabuchi is awakened by a man named Albert, who is an investigator for New Tesla and wants Mabuchi to come work for the company with him. Mabuchi refuses and chases after Mira, who has stolen the coils for herself. She works for an aging man she calls “Father” who has a mechanical heart powered by Coils. While the two fight, Albert discovers the hideout of “Father” – actually Dr. Yurizaki, the founder of New Tesla, whose wife and daughter were murdered by the company. Yurizaki responds by activating an enormous Coil, which burns out all the other Coils in a large radius. This also causes Mira to deactivate, and Mabuchi brings her body to Mary, hoping to sell her. Mary’s assistant Koorogi successfully reactivates Mira, who immediately begs Mabuchi to let her join him in his illegal Coil collection job.

She spends a depressing amount of the episode in this position

I think the best way I could describe Dimension W is “very anime dystopian future”. The situation is fairly generic, with a necessary resource (in this case, energy) being controlled by a shady company who isn’t afraid to use violence as a negotiation tactic. Despite this, the world of Dimension W managed to be somewhat interesting with the presentation of other problems, such as potable water being scarce and the city being visibly dilapidated despite the supposedly abundant energy coming from Coils.

However, the central characters are pretty standard anime protagonists – the dark, edgy male loner who resists the system, the cute, energetic robot girl, and the impeccably uniformed official who represents the dystopian System itself. The most interesting character by far is Mary, who runs some kind of currently vaguely defined operation based on obtaining illegal Coils. (She and her assitant Koorogi also have really cool character designs, and look significantly less generic than Mabuchi, Mira and Albert.)

However, the major problem I had with “Dimension W” was the absolutely huge amount of fanservice, all centered on the extremely young-looking and young-acting Mira. Her default outfit is already a pretty short, revealing dress, and when she’s ‘examined’ by Mary and Koorogi she is wearing basically nothing but skimpy underwear. There are several lovingly panning shots of her breasts, butt, and thighs throughout the episode, which contrast with her childish appearance and personality  Look, I’m not saying that “fanservice is inherently evil” – Kill la Kill is one of my favorite anime of all time – but can we stop with the oversexualization of characters who barely look like preteens? Also with the rape imagery? The shot of Mira’s eyes going dull and blank when Every Won steps on her tail-like cord (conveniently positioned between her legs in that particular shot) isn’t exactly subtle in what it’s trying to evoke.

All in all, Dimension W evens out to something that’s just a little below average to me. Out of 5 Dios:



The city is pretty cool looking