My last FI of the anime spring season! As a personal rule, if an anime short is less than five minutes, I wait until the second episode comes out before FI-ing it. I was supposed to do Reikenzan as well, but it seemed like no one was subbing it. I’ve already picked which series I wanted to blog for the spring season, so I can’t be bothered to FI that now even if it has managed to get subbed.

Anyway, on to the review!

Thankfully, this is not THAT kind of anime.

Episode 1 and 2 Summary:

Our heroine’s name is Yuzuka. Despite having absentee parents (her mother doesn’t visit often and her father is apparently a workaholic), Yuzuka lives a fairly normal life. One day while coming home from school, Yuzuka bumps into Miton, a magical winged creature. Miton claims that, since Yuzuka can see him, she is fit to be magical girl. He gives her a magical bracelet, and she immediately tests out her powers. The bracelet supposedly gives the most suitable outfit to its wearer, and Yuzuka’s outfit is… a swimsuit. She is not happy about this.

The animation quality is surprisingly smooth despite the dated art style.

Yeah, it’s a “magical girl” swimsuit. Dumb, but it honestly could have been a lot more revealing.

Nonetheless, Yuzuka takes Miton home with her, and once again tests out her powers. Her magical ability is being able to summon and control water. She proves surprisingly adept at this; and despite still hating her outfit, seems to feel a bit better about being a magical girl.

Being able to control water is handy, at least.

My Opinion:

This anime isn’t too creative, as it is essentially just “okay but what if a magical girl anime but WITH SWIMSUITS???” Still, it did manage to somewhat impress me for not following tired magical girl tropes. First off, the main character transforms right away just for the heck of it. In far too many magical girl anime, the girl transforms for the first time right before a “monster of the week” battle. The only other anime I can think of that subverted this trope is Magical Project S/Pretty Sammy TV series. I mean, sure, most magical girls aren’t forced to transform for the first time until they get hit with some kind of danger, but it’s so refreshing to see a character test out their powers beforehand. Thus, I really liked the scene where Yuzuka first manifests her water abilities. I really wish more magical girl anime did this. Sure, it’s more dramatic when a newly made magical girl has to fight a scary monster with her newly found powers, but gdi I want a magical girl anime where the lead character is savvy about magical girl tropes.

Other than that, this series is rather average in other respects. The art style seems like something from the 90s, despite having modern-looking animation. I really can’t say anything about the characters so far, since four minutes an episode doesn’t give you much time for characterization. However, Yuzuka seems unusually fierce and snarky for a magical girl protagonist. Also, while the fanservice is fairly tame compared to other anime, it still feels really sleazy for the anime to have so much fanservice of what appears to be a middle school character.

Overall, an okay anime so far. This anime is going to be winning any awards or anything, but it’s entertaining enough to watch if you have a lot of experience with the magical girl genre. Other than the fanservice, another big criticism I have is the OP, which is 45 seconds. Why the hell would you do that, when your episodes are already just four minutes long?

Anyway, out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2

The OP is actually super cute, but still way too long for a series with episodes as short at this.