Haven’t done this in a while, but yes; there are MAJOR SPOILERS for this episode.



In the first skit, we see Choromatsu as a job interviewer, with Jyushimatsu as the one getting interviewed. Since this is Jyushimatsu we are talking about, things obviously get pretty crazy.

In the second skit, the “Girlymatsu” sisters get another chance to appear. This time, the sisters are all on vacation together but they all end up doing their own thing much to Osoko’s chagrin.

Glad to see they’re not just a one-off thing!

In the last skit, the focus switches to Chibita, who is struggling to make “the galaxy’s greatest oden.” After taking pity on a dying flower by watering it, he meets with a flower fairy the next day. The two spend a whole day together on a date, and Chibita learns that he needs to focus on other things in life as well. Unfortunately, Chibita’s and the flower fairy’s time together is short-lived…

I have a feeling we’ll see tons of fanart of Miss Flower Fairy.


this is not okay


My Opinion:

Man, this was certainly a mood-whiplash episode. We have a wide variety of skits this week, although the obvious focus of the episode was on the last, much more serious skit.

The first skit was good—seeing Jyushi and Choro interact was interesting, and I don’t think they’ve ever interacted for that long in the past. The second skit was alright. I love the Girlymatsu sisters but somehow their antics just aren’t as funny as the brothers. Perhaps they’re not as “wacky” as the brothers are? It was still funny to see their intense love-hate relationship with one another, though.

The last skit was probably the best one of this episode. While it was certainly heart-breaking, I feel that it’s not as good as the “Jyushimatsu Falls in Love” skit was. The reason that I feel this way is because Chibita gains an essentially “magical girlfriend,” and I’m not super fond of that trope. Also, the impact of losing her isn’t as… “heavy” because they’ve only really known each other for a day. Still, I enjoyed this skit a lot more than some of the past skits we’ve had in the second cour of Osomatsu-san, and it was super sweet to see Chibita finally get some sort of recognition. In the end, Chibita’s skit may actually be more depressing than Jyushi’s, since there is no chance of him ever seeing the flower fairy again. …And I just made myself sad.

Overall, a good episode, I think. While the writing for “Chibita’s Flower” wasn’t super strong (because, let’s face it, the whole story was rather predictable), it was still an emotional skit. And the first skit actually made me laugh, which Osomatsu-san hasn’t done in a long time. Here’s hoping that means Osomatsu-san is finally getting back into form.

Out of five:

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You kinda deserved the pain you got this time, Karamatsu.