…wait just one cotton-picking second. Hiromi?!

Satoru begins to get a little closer to Kayo while also trying to determine when X-Day – the day she will die – should be. He remembers that there were 3 victims in the original murder case – one of which was one of the boys from his friend group, Hiromi – and all of which were 11 years old except for Kayo, who was 10…meaning that the murder had to have happened before her 11th birthday. He sets out trying to find out her birthday after she refuses to tell him – and with his teacher Yashiro’s help discovers its actually the same day as his – March 2nd. He is eventually able to discover that ‘X Day’ must be march 1st – in other words, unless he figures out what to change, Kayo is not going to live until his birthday and he needs a better plan to get to know her better.

While he does do a lot of things in this episode that he remembers doing – making him worried about things playing out in the exact same way (for example, almost beating the ice skating jock at an ice-skating race and incurring his wrath), a lot of new things happen. When he meets up with his old friend Yuuki – the one wrongfully accused and on death row in the ‘present’ – he learns that he actually wasn’t a weird unemployed guy who was always in the park every afternoon- he actually did have a job at his father’s bento shop, it just started at 4am and finished at noon. And on the way back he gets to know a lot more about Kayo’s home situation – she is being horrifically abused by her mother.

When Satoru goes to tell this to Mr Yashiro, he finds out his teacher had known this all along but had been unable to get any authorities to act without any evidence, as Kayo’s mother was always really good at being out of the house with her whenever they visited. Although Yashiro’s goal is to have Kayo removed from the abusive household, Satoru realises that he is likely waiting until spring break to make a move – in other words, after it’s too late.


‘I hate punks that are almost as fast as me!’


There’s something not quite right about Mr Yashiro.


Yuuki seems like a pretty nice guy, if not odd.

Okay so at the start of this episode I came very close to yelling ‘WAIT, WHAT?’ at the screen because unless I’m mistaken, I do not remember it being stated that Satoru’s adorable friend Hiromi had died. This kills the moeronpan. I had already adopted him as my honorary son of the season and was wondering what he was doing in the ‘present’ timeline as an adult, only to discover that what he was doing was being dead. What gets me about this, though, is that the off-hand mention at the start of the episode is all that’s been said about it at all. I have absolutely no idea why Satoru, apon reuniting with his group of childhood friends and then introducing them to viewer, would not comment on the fact that Hiromi was dead. Am I really not forgetting something here? But even if I was and it had been mentioned, I have no idea why he is focussed only on saving Kayo and clearing Yuuki’s name when he should be trying to save Hiromi too. I realize this might come up in future, but its simply bizarre to me that nothing has been said about it other than the off-hand ‘by the way, these were the other two kids that died besides Kayo’.  If I find out he’s already dead in the next episode due to Satoru not walking home with him in this one I’m gonna be mad. Also I’m just gonna be upset because Hiromi is goddamn adorable please save my 2016 winter son.

In other news, I feel like this show is really pushing the ‘Mr Yashiro is suspicious as hell’ angle so much to the extent that it’s possibly a red herring. Because there’s defintely something off about the guy – and the fact that he’s completely fine with divulging sensitive information to fellow students is somewhat concerning. Plus he gets a lot of ‘foreboding angles’ and strange looks so even if he doesn’t turn out to be a bad person, there’s definitely something up with him. I want to believe that he was willing to just tell Satoru Kayo’s birthday and everything he knows about her abusive household for this reason and not because of poor writing. There does seem to be the sense that there’s a reason he wants Satoru to know.

Then there’s Kayo’s mother, who makes no attempt to hide that she’s a disgrace of a human being. The scenes of her abusing Kayo are somewhat hard to watch, to be honest. It creates a rather interesting conundrum – if Satoru does manage to save Kayo’s life, she is still doomed to life with her abusive mother, and he still needs to figure out how to get her out of there. Clearly what he needs to do is make Hiromi’s family adopt her and then get them to relocate somewhere else.

Just like in the end of episode 2, this episode ends with another really nice scene of Satoru and Kayo in the snow together – although it’s pretty different this time. He takes her up the mountain (which seems oddly dangerous to me but ok) to see a beautiful ‘christmas tree’ – in february, but it was a gorgeous scene and even nicer than the one in the previous episode. It’s definitely going to be a cushioner for the next episode because it definitely looks like some serious stuff will happen from the foreshadowing at the end… but can we please spare Hiromi…




onya kayo


This was so pretty.

While I’m still confused and sad about Hiromi, this show is still really good and the suspense is commendable.

Out of 5,