Osomatsu-san Episode 17

Hope you like Jyuushimatsu…


There are eleven skits in all this episode, all only 2-3 minutes each and all revolving around Jyuushimatsu. See Jyuushimatsu defuse a bomb, sell doujinshi, have a philosophical moment, be a scientist, use steroids, and so much more! Also, all the brothers are featured, as well as Totoko.

Jyuushi and Oso actually make a pretty great duo.
Don’t ask.
Ichimatsu as Tinkerbell… okay.

My Opinion:

Not too much I can say about this variety-skit-show.  It was fun to see another episode focusing on Jyuushi, and it was nice to see him interact with all of his brothers one-on-one. That skit featuring him and Karamatsu was probably the funniest out of the lot. Also, we see Totoko again, for probably the first time since the second cour of this anime aired. Man, I missed you, Totoko.

Even though I love Jyuushi, perhaps having THIS much of him in one episode is a little too much. This was just a really wild episode, and probably more bizarre than most Osomatsu-san episodes. Some of the skits were a little too “wtf” to make me laugh, but I guess it was fun? We also get a slight hint at Jyuushi’s backstory, but nothing was ever really confirmed. Man, how much did Daisuke Ono have to talk in this one episode?

Overall, it’s a fun episode I guess. I feel that it was a little bit weaker comedy-wise, but if your favorite character is Jyuushi you’ll be happy with this episode.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

You’ll have to watch this episode yourself if you want context for this.

One thought on “Osomatsu-san Episode 17

  1. moeronpan February 3, 2016 / 7:34 am

    I think this episode was pretty hit and miss but for the most part it was really funny and I appreciate the confirmation that the laws of physics just straight up dont apply to Jyushimatsu.


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