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As Satoru is being led away from the police after being arrested, he inwardly pleads to be able to return to the past at least one last time – trying to actively induce a ‘Revival’, being the first time he’s actually attempted to. Whether because of his heightened emotional state or some other factor, he succeeds, and is sent back the day of his ‘date’ with Kayo in 1988.

Now that he’s been given another chance to save her, Satoru is determined to not waste it and decides to pull out all stops, no matter how strange and erratic his behaviour may seem to others. He no longer cares about keeping a low profile or trying to secretly manipulate actions from behind the scenes – this time he doesn’t even care if he ends up arrested, so long as Kayo lives. Kenya – who has noticed the change in Satoru’s behaviour since the day he started paying attention to Kayo all of a sudden – confronts him about this and even comments that he seems like a different person. Satoru decides that Kenya is intelligent enough to be useful – nor does he want to hide things from him – and decides to enlist his help for this round.

Once the birthday party happens again, Satoru tries to divert some major events by directly interfering. To give Yuuki an alibi for that night, he causes a disturbance at his house by hurling a rock through the window, hoping the police will be called and thus being able to confirm Yuuki was in his house all along. He comes dangerously close to trying to push Kayo’s mother down the stairs, but is stopped by Kenya, who has another suggestion. The two of them decide to ‘kidnap’ Kayo themselves and house her in an abandoned bus that used to be used as a club room, coming to visit her now and then, so that she is no longer in her abusive household.

obviously this plan was not thought through at all.

Hurray for Kenya being relevant again!

yeah that isnt a conspicuous as hell trail you’re leaving in the snow to your secret base at all guys

I’m really glad to go back to ‘the past’ again because like I said, I find these episodes a lot more enjoyable. I really do like the kids as characters and in this episode too they’re fun to watch. I’m also glad to note that Kenya will be playing a bigger role for this round – he was made out to be a lot more important at first but never really ended up doing much.

However, the entire time I was watching this I wanted to yell at the screen about what an idiot Satoru was being. (There are many question marks in the notes I took for this episode). In case you didnt figure it out, there’s a pretty gigantic hole in the plan of leaving Kayo alone anywhere, especially considering that’s how she was originally murdered. Not only that, but they make such a big deal about the bus being such a good hiding place – going as far as to try to make it look like no one is inside, and then completely neglect to notice the huge tracks they’ve left in the snow from dragging their sleds there that lead directly to it. The cliffhanger at the end of the episode with the man – implied to be the murderer but let’s not rule out other possibilities – turns up at the bus was not even remotely unexpected. I spent the whole episode waiting for that to happen. Come on Satoru, the others all have the excuse of being kids for not thinking this through but you’re technically a grown man. Have some common sense!

I’m hesitant to believe Kayo will be murdered right now – although that’s only because Satoru narrates that this Revival would be his ‘last chance’. I’m not sure how he even knows that, but if it is, we still have about a 1/3 of the show left so I’m currently inclined to believe the man who comes to the bus is somebody else. Or maybe it is the murderer and he’s going to be stopped – in which case we may learn his identity.

Hiromi’s just so cute ;-;

every time something happy in this show happens i just have to brace myself for the Incoming Bad Thing

Out of 5,


Episode 8


‘so kayo how has my genius very good incredibly smart plan been going’

Where we left off, a suspicious man was entering the abandoned bus that Kayo was hidden in. However, as she stays hidden behind the curtain all he actually does is kick a box and leave a bag behind before leaving himself. This understandably unnerves Kayo a lot.
Mr Yashiro is apparently growing concerned over Kayo’s absence, and although he doesnt yet want to involve the police, he finally involves child services. As usual, however, when they visit Kayo’s home her mother has once again evaded them by going out and they are unable to do anything.
When Satoru and the others visits Kayo after school, she tells them about the mysterious visitor last night, prompting them to look inside the bag that was left behind. In it are various kidnapping tools such as rope and duct tape, but perhaps most alarming – Yuuki’s boots. In other words, it’s all the ingredients that the murderer needed to do the deed and then pin the blame on Yuuki. Finally realising what a colosally bad idea leaving Kayo alone was, Satoru takes her back to his house where she gets to experience the happy kind of family life she’s never had before.


Kayo smiling is so adorable.


Well done, Best Character in Show.

Well, I’d been expecting Guy Who Is Probably the Murderer But Might Not Be to get intercepted by somebody, but he left mysteriously on his own. But the incident left some clues.
At first, it’s implied that he doesn’t know Kayo is in there, and that he’s frustrated about something, and perhaps thought to use the bus as his own hiding place for the ‘tools’. However, later in the episode when Satoru spies on Mr Yashiro talking to the child services outside Kayo’s house, Yashiro says that he happens to know ‘for a fact’ that Kayo is safe. Which is either a gigantic red herring, or Yashiro just revealed himself as the one that went to the bus. If the latter is true, that would mean he did know Kayo was there, which would mean his actions have a different significance. For example, Satoru later seemed interested in the footprint on the box. Did Yashiro leave it there on purpose, then? Was the bag of ‘tools’ a message or a warning? Is there a significance to him not killing her then? Or is Yashiro just an obvious red herring and actually is trying to help Kayo? Time will tell, but damn is Yashiro getting more and more suspicious by the episode.

At least these actions led to Satoru being more sensible about where to ‘hide’ Kayo, and led in to one of the most touching moments of the series so far. The whole part about Kayo getting to stay at his house and Sachiko being so kind to her, even treating her like her own daughter, was absolutely heart-warming. They were really well-done scenes, but very bittersweet as there’s the looming knowledge that Sachiko can’t just adopt her, and even if the child services are actually competent it only means that Kayo will have to move away. However, Satoru’s weird thoughts about Kayo and the implication that he has a growing crush on her kind of ruined this slightly. It’s…kind of creepy, to be honest. He may be physically a child but he’s mentally an adult. I have no idea if we were supposed to find this romantic or darkly humorous but either way it kind of fell flat.

One thing I noticed in this episode that’s been kind of of subtle so far, that I actually really quite like, is the change in Kayo’s voice over the episodes. In the beginning her voice is very flat, but she talks a lot more gently and with a lot more expression now. It’s an effective way of showing how much happier she is now compared to earlier, despite the fact that her overall circumstance hasn’t improved much.

This episode ends on another cliffhanger, this time with what could end up as a direct confrontation between Sachiko and Kayo’s mother. I’m really interested to see how that goes.


Like I said, adorable.


Kayo was so moved she cried Ghibli Tears!

Out of 5,