Hi everyone, Ariana here. Long time no see. Although I’m still fairly busy with schoolwork, I do hope to be able to blog at least one anime for this spring season. So let the First Impressions begin!

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Man would this make such a great “describe this photo out of context” post.


Luluco is an ordinary middle school girl living in a… less than ordinary town. Her town is listed as a “space immigration zone;” a place where both humans and aliens live together. After her father—a police of the space patrol—gets frozen due to accidentally eating some confiscated goods; Luluco is forced to take his place by the head chief, Over Justice. Her mission is to go undercover at her school, where criminal activity has started spiking.

The most awkward transformation sequence you will ever see.

Immediately, Luluco’s new job destroys her normal life, after she transforms just to arrest… someone who is cheating on a test. With her old life gone, what will happen to Luluco next?


My Opinion:

Because of the date on which this anime first aired (April 1st in Japan), I am half-expecting this to still be some horribly elaborate April Fool’s joke rather than an actual series. The first episode of Luluco was pretty off-the-walls, and it’s kind of a mixed bag in that respect.

Even though this is just an anime short, the series is animated by Studio Trigger, who’s pretty well-known for their somewhat more “cartoonish” art style. So animation-wise, this series looks pretty nice! The art style seriously reminds me of Panty and Stocking, and that’s always a plus. Content-wise… that’s where the problems start.

I get that the series is trying to be as wacky as possible, but that alone doesn’t make a good or funny series. A lot of nonsensical things happened in this episode, and I’m not really impressed nor do I hate what I saw. As a comedy anime, it somewhat fails because… it just wasn’t that funny to me. Anime characters who are constantly screaming are more annoying than humorous; and the last segment where Luluco ends up transforming (which was obviously meant to be comedic) just came off as… awkward? I felt really bad for Luluco more than anything. The police chief (Over Justice) is also probably meant to be humorous but I found his “random” antics kind of lame. At least his “you’re arrested!” and “you’re free to go!” segment was kind of amusing. I can’t really judge this series story-wise because not much was revealed this episode, other than that Luluco is now a Space Patrol officer

Overall, this series is kind of hard to describe. I’ve never seen a series that is so utterly bizarre and yet made me let out the biggest “meh.” It’s wacky, but at the same time feels so dull in its wackiness? I suppose it’s just because I’ve been exposed to so many series like this that I’ve become used to it. Simply being bizarre isn’t “new” anymore, and Studio Trigger is going to have to step up their game if they want to make this a memorable anime. Anyway, I wouldn’t call this a bad series, but it may be too weird for some. I’ll at least watch the second episode because I want to see the main male lead appear; but as for blogging this that’s still up in the air.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

The ED was really neat, though.