I’ve decided I like this character who will probably die in the first handful of episodes already.

A chartered bus speeds along the highway through the night, filled with an assortment of people who have one thing in common – they want to restart their lives. For varied reasons, they aren’t happy with their current circumstances and wish to through it all away and get a fresh start somewhere new where nobody knows who they are. This place is the mythical Nanaki village, a village that exists only in urban legend that no one, not even police, can ever actually locate. Somehow, the man in charge of the bus has obtained information on the whereabouts of Nanaki village and is now conducting the first trip there, after collecting applicants through a secret webpage.

One of the people on the trip is the teenage Mitsumune, who has come on the trip in earnest and believes that the village definitely exists. Meanwhile, his seatbuddy Hayato (aka ‘Speedster’) believes it most definitely doesn’t, and the only reason he came along was to prove this. Then there’s the super quirky moeblob Masaki, who he starts to form some kind of bond with, and the short and angry ‘Lion’ who seems to hate everyone. It’s incredibly obvious that there is something very sinister about to happen, to the extent that even the hired bus driver becomes antsy. Just what kind of place is Nanaki village?


I just realised I didn’t take any screencaps of the two characters who are clearly the main characters but honestly who cares.

The show in this cast is huge, and consists almost entirely of what seems to be very flat stereotypical characters, most of which have ridiculous names such as Soy Latte (I know they’re all using their online nicknames, but still). It’s another one of those anime where most of the characters are incredibly exaggerated and speak in ways no real human ever would, and most are really wacky and zany. Also, they’re probably going to start dying one by one, because there’s no way they aren’t when the cast is as big as it is.

I gotta confess, I have a weakness for this kind of stuff. ‘Cast of wacky, over the top characters are killed off one by one’ is basically its own genre at this point and while it can be done well (Dangan Ronpa being the best example), a lot of the time it feels kind of empty and shocking for the sake of it. However, even the really bad ones can still be entertaining popcorn fare so even if Mayoiga turns into a complete crapper I still want to watch it all the way through, if not just for the fun of picking a favourite character and placing bets on how long they’ll live.

Note that this is all just my speculation from the synopsis and first episode, because I don’t know anything else about the show at this point. Obviously I cant confirm that the cast will be offed one by one (its just the most likely direction for the plot to go in), since this episode doesn’t really have anything all that sinister happen – they havent even reached the village yet. The most dramatic thing that happens is the bus driver suddenly losing it due to nerves at how goddamn weird everyone on the bus is and trying to end the anime early by crashing on purpose (which kind of made me laugh), but the day is saved by…Masaki getting motion sick and vomiting on him. With so little to go on beyond a really long bus drive it’s hard to tell what kind of show we’re in for here, other than the fact that it has a ton of characters and most of them are pretty annoying. It’s playing its cards pretty close to its chest at this point, so I definitely need a few more episodes to determine if this is going to be actually good suspense or hokey bullshit but nonetheless entertaining suspense.

Whichever it is, the dwindling cast trope is one I fall for every time, so unless it becomes too idiotic I’ll be sticking around and may or may not complain about this decision later!


yeah seriously what are you, an anime character?

Out of 5,