This is the most inane anime I’ve ever seen.


This is a series about sexualized high school girls (who act like ten year olds) and also there are motorcycles involved. What, you want a better summary? Okay then.

You mean like literally everything that comes out of your mouth?

High-schoolers Hane and Onsa meet up on their first day of high school and decide to join the school’s bike (as in, motorcycles) club together. The rest of the episode is basically dedicated to Hane getting her motorbike license and introducing the two other club members: the weird Raimu who never talks and always has a motorcycle helmet on; and Rin, who basically serves as the fanservice girl.

What the hell does that even MEAN

My Opinion:

Man, I knew this anime reminded me of something. It’s basically Girls und Panzer all over again; and I’m not entirely sure if it’s less or more inane than that series. I get that this series is in the vein of anime that tries to be charming in its silliness, but I could not see this as anything more than extremely infuriating to watch.

The dialogue is some of the most awful dialogue I’ve seen, including such gems as “only a fool can ride a motorcyle, and you’re a fool!” and also “MY BUTT IS VIBRATING WITH THE SOUND.” Also featuring such amazing visuals as Hane grabbing Raimu’s boobs when they’re riding together (because grabbing someone’s waist instead is dumb???). ALSO featuring things such as bike elitism and BIKE BONDING. And no I’m not making that last thing up. There’s a bike that Hane bonds with. And it talks. And it’s supposed to be sultry. Just… what the eff man.

There’s another scene that really annoyed me. Rin (aka Miss Fanservice) wipes out spectacularly on her bike, and ends up smacking into a concrete pole. Hane’s first words upon witnessing this are: “Is the bike okay?” IS THE BIKE OKAY??? IF THIS WASN’T AN ANIME BLONDIE COULD HAVE FREAKING DIED.

So yeah, this series is obviously portraying the “girls riding motorcyles” thing with a sexual slant. I don’t know, this series is basically a mix of “everything wrong with anime” and I don’t have much opinion beyond “well I hope I never have to watch anything else this terrible this season.” If you like girls doing cute things AND motorcycles, then this series is for you. For everyone else, this series is probably too dumb to be entertaining.

Out of five for this episode:


(I considered giving it a 1-rating but then decided that was far too generous)

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