Well, our protag is cute at least.

Hero anime seems to be making a comeback in the anime world, and once more we get that in the form of Boku no Hero Academia. The story goes that one day, a glowing baby was born, and then all of a sudden, people started gaining super powers without a cause known.

The first episode mostly covers the history of the main character and their desire to surpass a childhood bully, whose also somewhat of a genius in the class. He has a great desire to become a super hero like his own personal Hero, ‘All Might’. However, it’s discovered that he likely won’t ever manifest a ‘quirk’ due to having two joints in his pinkie toe. (Apparently the evolutionary trait for people with super powers is they no longer have a second toe joint).

I wanna kick him squa in the nuts

As the story continues, our protagonist runs into a slime vilian which threatens to take over his body, and is saved by none other than All Might himself.

Story wise, it flows quite well and the animation is decent with its quirky style. I’m certainly interested to see how the story goes. It’s playful and keeps my interest fairly well, much like One Punch Man did. If anything, it’s a less serious version of it would be a good way to sum up the series.

One thing I like is they didn’t dumb down the reaction to SUDDEN FLIGHT

All in all, I give this: