‘Finally! A generic light novel protagonist of my very own!”

Dude goes to special academy. He is special. He can use magic weapon good. He has flashback about past with silver haired girl dying. He dont remember girl well. Girl pretending to boy hangs off him at academy. Ends up in duel with school council president. Has sickly younger sister in hospital. Sister in love with him. Walks in on girl-pretending-to-be-boy changing. Brain shutting down.

“Good news everyone, we created lifeforms entirely out of gimmicks!”

Oh boy! It’s time for Boy Goes to Academy Where He’s a Prodigy and Everyone Loves Him!
So, I want to say ‘at least it’s not TECHNICALLY magic school for magic teens?’ but it may as well be, the ‘Hundred’ power everyone uses is supposed to be some kind of super hightech nonsense but if it looks and smells like magic, hey, I’m gonna call it magic. It still has every single other goddamn plot point required in a magical school for magical teens first episode, although this time we get a girl pretending to be a boy. Why, it’s not known, but she gets pretty angry when the gimmicky scientist nearly says her birth name instead of ‘Emile’. For some reason there are actually people on the internet saying that she could be a transboy and wouldnt that be cool and progressive, and yeah, it would, but this is a bullshit light novel aimed at otaku so I really wouldn’t be holding my breath on that if I were you. She has a really obnoxious crush on the MC so it seems more likely that the whole thing is a ruse to get to share a dorm room with him.

On that note, the ‘MC walks in on girl changing’ scene becomes even more stupid. You literally set it up so that you could be in the same dorm room and made people believe you were male, but you’re still going to act like its his fault for walking into his own dorm room and knock him out? But there’s an even stupider scene after that when Emile manages to nick her finger somehow and the MC, having sudden war flashbacks to a monster ‘killing’ his childhood friend girl (who is really obviously Emile), goes straight into first aid action mode by sucking her finger. He’s then all ‘sorry, I had a Bad Experience and whenever I see an injury now, I react straight away cos I just Gotta Do Something!’ without explaining why the hell sucking a finger is what you would immediately do.

In case that’s not enough cliches squeezed into 20 or so minutes, there’s also the sickly younger sister who is in love the MC, who is also probably the only female character in this besides Emile and the scientist who doesnt have two gigantic water balloons stuck to her chest. These are probably the most ridiculous tits in this anime season (and I hope I dont get proven wrong) – and they’re all vacuum sealed of course. Sometimes they even make sound effects!

All the tropey crap is annoying enough but then there seems to be characters who exist for the sake of cramming in more tropes and nothing else, and some of these tropes just seem so outdated for something airing in 2016. The council president has drill twin tails and there’s a big-boobed robot cat maid. It’s like there was a bargain sale at the overused harem anime trope store and the writers decided to just buy everything inside. The tropiness of the character designs makes everything incredibly goofy and hard to take seriously, and it all looks tacky as hell.

Somehow, watching this wasn’t as painful an experience as every other Amazing Protag At Amazing Academy show I’ve sat through, probably because it was just more boring than enraging. Basically, it was just a big bowl of flavourless mush as opposed to the same bowl that also has some poop in it as well. Either way, it’s not something I wanna eat.

w h o  d o e s  t h i s

Out of 5,