Well that sure does summarize the entire plot in one sentence

Ruri “Hibari” Hibarigaoka is on her way to her first day of high school when she sees a girl hanging from a bridge while trying to rescue a dog. The girl slips and falls, but is unharmed and remains surprisingly cheerful. The girl, Anne “Hanako” Hanakoizumi, turns out to be Hibari’s classmate.

In class, the girls engage in small talk until they are interrupted by yet another classmate, Botan Kumegawa, who turns out to be have incredibly poor health. The teacher then arrives and explains that every member of the class is unlucky or unfortunate in some way, and their goal as a class is to “achieve happiness”. The teacher (who acts cutesy but has a Secret Bad-Tempered Side, because of course she does) assigns them their first homework: to keep a raw egg overnight without breaking it. She also does a random number draw to test their luck, with Hanako turning out to be the most unlucky student in the class.

On the way home, Hanako reveals that she actually considers herself to have good luck, because she became friends with the other girls. Hibari is touched, but quickly becomes embarrassed when the others learn about the reason she is considered “unfortunate” – she is in love with a sign at a construction site.

The next day, it is revealed that everyone in class broke their eggs – except Hanako, whose egg, despite being store-bought, hatches into a chick.

Expect a lot of moments like this

I really do think that Anne-Happy was trying to bring something new to the rather tired “cute girls at school doing cute things” genre. And there are definitely going to be people who find that it succeeded. For me, this genre really just isn’t my thing. I liked this show OK, but didn’t find it as “groundbreaking” as some other recent entries into the genre (particularly Gakkou Gurashi).

The gimmick of “girls being unfortunate” has mixed results, leading to both some genuinely cute moments (Hanako calling her friends her good luck) and some cringe-worthy ones (Hibari’s revelation, most of the scenes with Botan). Those who are prone to experiencing secondhand embarrassment while watching things, stay far, far away from this show.

The other two girls in the OP, who did absolutely nothing this episode

My least favorite thing about this episode was Botan. While her concept is really cute – a sickly girl who is really good at first aid because of years of treating herself – her dialogue was frequently uncomfortable. She refers to herself as “worthless” and other similar words; I’d say at least 50% of the things she said in this episode were self-deprecating comments. Personally, I just found that really uncomfortable rather than funny. She also got the only real fanservice moment of the episode, a random eyecatch of her in a nurse uniform.

The teacher also annoyed me for being a very generic teacher character, but I found Hibari to be a likeable protagonist (the reveal of her strange love life was the one thing about the episode that actually left me wanting to learn more). Hanako is also cute, if a little grating – she talks very quickly and frequently, and her voice is rather high pitched. “Always cheerful despite suffering” is one of the more pleasant and watchable character types in this kind of show.

Anne-Happy isn’t bad (except for maybe needing to tone down Botan a bit). There are definitely people who are going to enjoy its cute characters, bright palette and decently unique concept. It’s just not for me, and not something I’m going to continue watching.

Still, I can give it a decent Dio score:

diodio 1/2

SO SHINY. But also pretty cute.