Cool. Cooler. Coolest.


Sakamoto is the coolest student at his high school. This series takes a look at his daily life.

Sakamoto’s probably the only person who could ever pull off looking stylish in a bathroom stall with an umbrella.

Now I’ve always been a fan of guys in glasses, but I think Sakamoto looks better without them?

In the first episode, Sakamoto is the target of several bullies who are jealous of his popularity. The first is a group of three delinquents who want to humiliate him. The second is Sera, a wannabe model who tries to one-up Sakamoto. However, Sakamoto manages to shrug them all off effortlessly and look great doing so.

The “bee scene” may seem like an exaggeration but I’ve been in a class where people reacted JUST like this when a wasp came into the classroom through an open window.

Sakamoto: 1. Bee: 0

Also, Sakamoto races a bird in a rainstorm.

(If you’re wondering why my summary is so incredibly vague, it’s because I don’t want to spoil things. While this is an episodic series, a lot of the humor comes from how unexpectedly Sakamoto acts.)

My Opinion:

When “Sakamoto desu ga?” was first announced to be an anime, I was excited but also slightly worried. I had read all of the scanlations for “Sakamoto” that were available a year or so back, so I’m quite familiar with the series. It’s really hard to explain, but this series relies heavily on… “serious ridiculousness” as its main form of humor. The manga handled this type of humor well, so I was wondering if the jokes would hold up in the anime. Fortunately, it does, and I think its format as an anime makes it even funnier.

The animation is pretty good! The manga’s art style was adapted to an anime very well. The voice acting is also good. I didn’t really have a specific voice in mind for Sakamoto, but I think Midorikawa really nailed it. But what I love most about this series so far is the music. The music is what brings the whole package together. The anime so far seems to be adapting the manga chapters pretty faithfully, so it’s the little things like these that bumps the series from being a sub-par to a good adaptation.

This series is essentially about a dude who is perfect in every way and super popular. In any other series, he’d be labeled a “Gary Stu” and it’d be a boring story; but here… it just somehow works. Sakamoto just manages to hit the right amount of ridiculousness and “coolness” and it’s simultaneously amazing and hilarious. As I said before, it’s hard to describe… You would think a series about a character who is basically perfect in every way wouldn’t have much material to keep things going; but this series will surprise you. The manga chapters covered in this episode (while funny) aren’t even the best ones in the series.

Overall, this was a great episode and I actually laughed out loud a few times, even though I already knew what was going to happen. I’m really glad that the anime is adapting multiple chapters an episode, because if each chapter were one episode long I think that would start to drag. Some manga chapters might have been swapped around—I don’t think Sera was introduced this early (but it’s been a while so I might have just forgotten). Since the series is so episodic anyway, it doesn’t matter much… apart from one particular plot-line, but that will probably come up in the anime later.

I know that this series won’t be for everyone, but if you don’t mind a show that has an utterly ridiculous premise, then this is one series you have to check out.

Out of five:

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Being perfect never looked so good.