I thought Makoto was at least 18 when I first watched this but she’s actually only 15…


Makoto goes off to live with her second cousins, Kei (who’s her age) and Chinatsu (Kei’s little sister). She’s accompanied by a cat named Chito, whom she talks to constantly. Chinatsu is immediately weirded out by Makoto, as Makoto (while pleasant) behaves very strangely and also has a terrible sense of direction. However, the two girls quickly bond after they go out for supplies together. It’s only then that Chinatsu finds out why Makoto acts so bizarrely—she’s a witch in training.

I really hope nothing romantic happens between Makoto and Kei…

Being able to fly on a broomstick seems fun.

Makoto later meets with Nao, a girl her age; who also learns that Makoto is a witch. Makoto, Kei, and Nao all go the same high school. During their first day orientation, Makoto explains to Nao a bit more about her “profession.” It’s a tradition for all witches 15 years of age to live independently and work towards becoming a “fully fledged” witch. However, Makoto’s parents wanted her to at least finish high school, and also wanted her to stay with relatives. Thus, why she’s living with Kei and Chinatsu now. Although Nao is somewhat wary of Makoto being a witch, she agrees to take Makoto home after school (as Kei is unable to). On the way home, Makoto decides to gift Nao with… a mandrake.

Not gonna lie, I am finding Kei to be acting a little suspiciously at times.

My Opinion:

I really love stories like this, where magical people live mostly mundane lives. I always find these kinds of stories very charming; because the characters involved  aren’t trying to fight some kind of powerful dark being or shadowy organization—they’re just trying to live peaceful lives. Despite is very slow start; Flying Witch appears to be a promising series.

The art style for the characters is somewhat simplistic, but it’s fitting for the pleasant tone the series is trying to set. Admittedly, the weird shadow spot on the characters’ noses does take some getting used to, but it’s not so bad as far as stylistic choices go. And the backgrounds in this series so far are really lovely.

Plot-wise, I’m guessing that this series will be a really laid back slice-of-life type anime. Not much really happened this episode, and the series seems to really take its time for each scene. Done badly, this would make for a boring watch; but Flying Witch makes each scene engaging enough to avert this. The main conflict from this series will probably be Makoto’s witch status—while she’s not worried about letting people know she’s a witch, there does seem to be some kind of “code” where witches mainly try to stay hidden.

Overall, this is just a really nice series. I can’t predict how much drama there’ll be in future episodes, but if each episode is as relaxing to watch as the first one is, then I’ll happily stick with this. While comedy isn’t a big deal here, the last scene definitely made me laugh.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2