Whooo, my last FI for the spring season! I took on a lot less anime this time, due to my busy schedule.



This is the story about three girls who become unlikely friends. There’s the haughty former rich-girl Yoko; the always hungry Futaba; and the kind-looking yet cruel Hayama. They usually eat lunch together at their spot in the school’s yard, surrounded by trees and bushes. The series centers around Yoko trying to live a “commoner’s lifestyle,” as well as the friends’ interactions with each other.

I wanted to include at least one screenshot of Yamaji, who is best character. Also, get used to seeing this scenery a lot.

I kind of loved this scene just for showing how fluid the animation in this series is.

I hope we get to see the girls hanging out more in other places like this.

My Opinion:

Quite a few people were saying this series was terrible but eh, I’ve seen worse. Plot-wise it’s just about three girls doing cute things; so if you don’t have a lot of tolerance for Moe you might want to stay away. This series isn’t bad, but it’s not really that good either. The “rich girl trying to live a normal life” plot and the heavy clover motif strongly remind me of Wakaba*Girl. Unlike Wakaba*Girl, the characters’ personalities are all pretty grating.

Can we please ditch the haughty rich girl trope? It’s far too clichéd in anime nowadays. Plus, “haughty” often gets wrongly interpreted as “tsundere,” and anime like this often don’t know how to make tsundere characters that aren’t completely annoying. Fortunately, Yoko is just nice enough to not fall into this trap, but I’m still kinda sick of seeing rich anime girls acting like this. (Maybe that’s why I liked Wakaba so much… she was a real sweetie.) Futaba isn’t that bad of a character, just bland. Her only defining trait is “eats a lot.” I expected Hayama to annoy me the most, as her personality trait is, “looks like a nice girl but is actually really mean.” But Hayama is also nice enough not to make me completely hate her. So in the end… I’m not super annoyed by any of the characters, but I do get the feel that they’re meant to be “super quirky” and I hate when anime tries to shove that in our faces. Characters work better when their quirks are more subtle.

The best thing about this anime so far is the animation. The animation is absolutely GORGEOUS and looks very fluid. Admittedly, I feel like this anime tries to make the characters’ movements more exaggerated (which can be distracting) but the second half of the episode toned that down a bit. The second best thing about this anime is Yamaji. He’s Yoko’s former servant and still keeps an eye on her because he’s worried. It’s kind of sweet, but at the same time; Yamaji can you please stop talking about how you were afraid Yoko wouldn’t be able make friends…

Overall, this is a so-so anime. It’s not that bad (definitely not as bad as Bakuon) but it’s not a masterpiece of an anime either. Some parts of the first episode did seem a little melodramatic but that’s typical for a series like this. Sadly, stunning animation can’t make up for a bland story, but I might keep watching this just to see where it goes. Not worth my time to blog this, though.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2

Songwise, the ED theme is kinda “eh” but the visuals are top-notch.

So… now that I’ve finished all my FIs, all that’s left is to choose a series to blog. I do think that I’ll be able to blog at least one series, but I’m a bit unsure of which series that will be. I’ll most likely have an answer by the next weekend.