I do like how the boats look

Since childhood, friends Moeka and Misaki have dreamed of joining the Blue Mermaids, an all-female marine defense/patrol force. On their first day at Yokosuka Marine School, Misaki accidentally knocks a haughty girl into the water. The two friends are assigned to different training ships, but are both given the role of “captain”. The haughty girl, Mashiro, turns out to be Misaki’s deputy captain aboard the Harekaze.

The ships immediately set sail for a two week hands on nautical training program. Misaki gets to know various members of her crew. However, because of her laid back attitude, they are late to their first training session, sparking further conflict with Mashiro. Because of their lateness, the teacher’s ship fires on the Harekaze. In order to protect her crew, Misaki fires a torpedo back, distracting the teacher’s ship long enough for the Harekaze to escape. They get a call on the radio informing them that, as a result of their attack, their ship is considered to have “mutinied”.

So many girls who got nothing more to do than say their name

HaiFuri has one of those premises that, in my opinion, requires a little too much suspension of disbelief. A coast guard consisting entirely of women is fine, but one that recruits high school girls who are then put immediately onto massive battleships and required to crew them with minimal adult supervision? Not to mention that, despite working on huge ships, the girls still wear short-skirted school uniforms. So wacky and interesting, am I right?

Well…not really. The first fifteen minutes or so of HaiFuri were extremely boring. It felt like just another “cute girls doing cute things” show with a slight nautical twist. I could barely keep my eyes open, and I LOVE boats and sailing! Plus, none of the girls besides Misaki and Mashiro got any development beyond a brief introduction, and I certainly couldn’t keep track of them (though I did like the ship’s cook who kept freaking out about the broken rice cooker).

At least Admiral Isoroku promises to be an interesting character

I was prepared to give this show a very low grade and list its only positive as the pretty, realistic animation of the water and the boats. And then the ending happened. The last few minutes of the episode came completely out of nowhere, with a twist literally thrown at the viewer in the last line. I did feel that the change in tone/pace was too abrupt and made the two halves of the episode not fit together very well, though the twist admittedly left me more curious than I usually would be about a “cute girls doing cute things” show. I don’t know if I’ll check out any more of this, but I do hope that the plot twist of the Harekaze having “mutinied” will be a continuing thread, and not neatly resolved in Episode 2. This really feels like a show that I can’t judge by its first episode alone, but since that is the point of First Impressions, it receives this many Dios:

diodio 1/2


This is the girl I’d want on my team in a crisis