I almost closed the show upon looking at this scene, but I’m at least glad I watched the rest.

On a continent ruled by swords and magic called Kunaaan, there are three kingdoms with a fragile power balance that could spell disaster and war at any moment. Another power, the evil dragon Daganzord, also resides on the continent, and no one is powerful enough to stop him from spreading destruction and charred land in his wake. Bairo and Kismitete, a married pair, and a party of wizards attempted to seal the dragon, but were foiled. This event was known thereafter as the Balbagoa Tragedy.

Bairo and Kismitete’s son Hiiro is saved by Giiru, and Hiiro swears to avenge his parents’ deaths and trains himself with the sword. When Hiiro turns 16, he sets out on a journey to slay the dragon, and a man Giruu accompanies him, having no choice.

This basically sums up the premise of the show, and that’s really all there is to it. Most of what I gleened in the first episode was a mix of confusion, so I had to take to online sources to really understand what was going on – never a good thing, in my opinion.

Mr. Luscious Lashes is a decent protag, though. Gotta give him that.

What I did like was that there’s not much terminology or history you need to swallow that isn’t already spelled out for you in the first episode. The part about the three kingdoms isn’t really noted, but it’s an important thing to take not of, per say. It’s pretty clear cut the divide between the protagonist and the merry band of people around the place that are, for the most part, doing things for their own agenda. The majority of that agenda is power, survival, and money – pretty much the usual three with any society.

While this show does tittle some curiosity out of me, it wasn’t something that really perked my interest too much. I mostly blame that on the shallow introduction, and the lack of solid information that would’ve served as a better foundation for an opening episode.

Otherwise, the music, animation and whatnot were all decent-tier. Nothing crappy, for certain.

Out of 5,