Tanaka is a lazy high schooler who is always really tired. In fact, he has being listless down to an art. He likes lazing around and sleeping in any place he can. His friend, Ohta is used to this. That’s pretty much it.

An actual photo of me being made to work up the motivation to write this review.

It’s often said that if you’re made to feel the same way the protagonist of something feels then it’s a sign of good writing. What, then, if the way the protagonist feels is ‘really, really damn tired and about to or in the process of falling asleep?’ Because that’s how I felt watching this. I’m not gonna mince words, this show was boring. I understand that they were going for a really relaxed and slice of life kind of thing, but this is probably the most relaxed, slicest of lifest thing I’ve ever watched. Slice of life is fine and all, but it can at least be a relatively interesting life and not the utterly mundane everyday depicted here.

I’m going to go ahead and guess that Tanaka-kun was based on a 4-panel manga because the whole episode definitely feels like a bunch of those stitched together. The punchline is nearly always the same, Tanaka falls asleep. Sometimes he falls asleep on the grass. Sometimes on the floor. Sometimes at his desk. Sometimes outside on a bench. Sometimes he expresses his listlessness in other ways, like being unable to use a drinking fountain properly. In the only part I actually laughed at, he becomes more and more tired while playing a relaxing piano song for his music class and it suddenly switches to minor key, rendering it somewat horrifying. It’s…not exactly rivetting, but I’m sure it would have worked a hell of a lot better as a short because there’s simply way too much of the same thing here and the episode just drags on, and on, and on.

The actual idea behind this show isn’t really that bad, and it’s even kind of cute, but it’s honestly just not implemented well. To make it worse, almost every time Tanaka falls asleep, we have to see Ohta staring at him for a really long time, from multiple slow angles. Seriously, guys, if you’re going to have a full length episode do you have to make it this obvious that you have more time than material? If you cut out all the awkward pauses it has you’d probably have room for two or more extra 4panel scenes.

At the end of the episode it looks like a new female character will be introduced in the next one, and judging from the opening and her appearance here, she’s a much more active character. I imagine her presence will make the show a little more interesting, since there will be a character to contrast with Tanaka instead of Ohta who just goes along with it. But since this entire episode can be summed up as ‘Tanaka is tired and Ohta says ‘boy Tanaka sure is tired!’, and this is the review of this episode, I really can’t say it was very good.

that’s it that’s the show

Out of 5,