No one really expects their superhero to turn into… well… a zombie cast reject, now do they?

There is something to this anime. Maybe I have a weakness for shows with a very obvious, and not easily remedied, underdog, or maybe it’s the fast actioned pace. All I know is that Boku no Hero Academia has something. Charm? Probably. But it’s a simple premise that is easy to grasp, and more importantly, really easy to invest into. Too many shows go straight in with ten million things to remember, but this show? None of the white noise in the ears, so to speak. It’s just a simple, yet classy story.

Hello once again – it’s been a while since I’ve blogged a show. But this one speaks to me, so here goes.

We learn that All Might, the famous top tier superhero can only be as much for three hours maximum a day. This is due to a horrendous injury on his side that limits his powers considerably. We also learn that, despite Izuki’s burning ambitions, he simply cannot become a hero without a quirk. Crushed, he wanders around town, not realising that the slime villian from the previous episode has escaped from All Might, and unknowingly unleashed by Izuki’s childhood bully, Katsuki. The slime attempts to take over Katsuki, and in one of the most tense moments in anime that I’ve witnessed for some time, the heroes stand by hopelessly as someone with a suitable quirk tries to put a stop to the slime, to no avail.

Until quirkless Izuki charges in anyway to try and save his friend.

This kid gets it.

This, ultimately, is what changes All Might’s mind. And, in a turn of events, he turns to Izuki and says that there might be a way after all.

Honestly, this episode got emotions out of me. It kept me on the edge of my seat as I wondered who would save Katsuki, if anyone, or would he be swallowed by the slime. Who knew? I sure didn’t.

I think that so far, this, plus the really supurb job they’ve done of character development so early on in the show, plus Izuki’s unwavering determination to seek out his dreams, is what makes this anime fantastic so far.

Zombie man – ahem – All Might is pretty alright 😉

Out of 5,