I honestly love this kid he’s so freaking cute.

I think part of the charm with this series, for me, is a kid who is honest to god going against everything to achieve his dreams by near impossible means. He really doesn’t know how he’s going to become a hero, only that All Might can help him. And that is where the mystery begins in this episode.

We know by now that Quirks, the method of aquiring a power, is something you are born with. But All Might reveals that his specific Quirk CAN be inherited, something that he has kept incredibly confidential from the public and the world, to the point where it is hotly debated. He reveals, however, to our protag, that his quirk is called ‘One for All’, the one quirk that can be passed down to someone else.

The catch? Izuku doesn’t have the body to handle such an incredible amount of power that is One For All. And thus, we begin probably the fastest, and probably one of the best training montages that I’ve seen in recent anime years. (I’m not going to count the ridiculously rushed one in Highschool DxD BorN, either >> )


Izuku is tasked with cleaning trash at a beach for 10 months in order to become strong enough to pass his entrance exam into the college of his choice, and to inherit All Might’s quirk. The training regime really does highlight Izuku’s tenacity and desire to be the best he can be, and boy, does he accomplish it. Against all odds, he becomes a fitting vessel for One for All.

Honestly, this is how training montages should be done. I’ve never been a fan of the long, drawn out ones like Dragonball Z – unless there’s a VERY good reason for it. But the pacing for this show is really well done – not a second is wasted, and that’s something I can appreciate, really.


From there, he swallows one of All Might’s hairs, as the quirk is passed on through DNA (I have a feeling we might learn more about this in later episodes, because whose stopping someone from ripping out all of All Might’s hairs and distributing his quirk to every Tom, Dick and Harry?) and so far, we haven’t seen any signs of it in this episode at least. But, it’s only a matter of time, I’m sure!

So far, this series can honestly be summed up by this short video:

But all jokes aside, this series continues to impress. The art style is cute, the characters are interesting and sincere, and boy does it make you want to cheer for the underdog. We enter the exam period, and based on the preview, we are in for a wild ride!