okay I usually try my hardest not to use the really bad looking animation moments for reviews but look at this

The trial of Mayoi begins – with Mitsurugi as prosecutor. The first witness – the detective Itonokogiri – shares the evidence that Chihiro allegedly wrote her killer’s name in her blood as a ‘dying message’. Naruhodou is quick to point out this contradiction – Chihiro was supposed to have died instantly – but Mitsurugi is unphased, explaining that her autopsy had since been updated to indicate that she lived for at least a minute or so afterward. While this causes Naruhodou to lose some confidence, he regains it a little when the next witness – the ditzy Shochiku Umeyo – proves relatively easy to slip up in her lies. While she claims to have actually seen Mayoi strike Chihiro, it becomes evident that she is lying due to her stating that she heard the Thinker clock announcing the time – impossible as the clockwork had been taken out. A fact that Naruhodou is able to prove with the recorded phone call between Chihiro and Mayoi prior to Chihiro’s death.

Not having known about the phone at all, and due to the fact that his witness is shortly found out for phone-tapping and arrested, Mitsurugi is suitably ruffled and demands that the trial close for the day to allow for further investigation. This proves to be a good opportunity for Naruhodou, who wishes to investigate who owns the cufflink he discovered in Umeyo’s hotel room. Hoshikage pays him a visit, feeling guilty about having abandoned Mayoi, and, wanting to help out any way he can, gives him the name of the one he believes to be the culprit: Konaka Masaru. The CEO of a company that seems to specialise in blackmail with most of the police and government around his finger, he is wilfully ignorant when Naruhodou goes to visit him. However, when Naruhodou tries to pin Chihiro’s murder on him, he quickly turns the tables and frames Naruhodou.

Her voice sure was suitably annoying!

Look how cute young Chihiro and lil Mayoi are dwaaaa

Even with bad animation they’re still cute.

Here is where we see a few small things altered from the game. It doesn’t really bother me because they aren’t particularly important – rather they’re just different ways of arriving at the same conclusion. For example, the cufflink was never a clue in the original game, but putting it in here gave a slightly quicker way to lead Naruhodou in the right direction. (The only weird part about it really is that Konaka must have somehow gotten dressed and applied one single cufflink and somehow not noticed one was missing until Naruhodou pointed it out. They even had him check his wrist to show that it wasn’t there. What, does the guy just sleep in his suit with the cufflinks on and so never noticed it wasn’t there?)

Otherwise things are mostly the same, although there’s still all those little touches that I like – seeing some events from different perspectives, etc. Most interestingly, they also included a small, very short flashback of young Chihiro and Mayoi that wasn’t in the game – which is something they have been doing a lot in the anime so far. These flashbacks all become relevant in the final case, so it’s kind of nice to have this foreshadowing early. Once again, I like the time they’re devoting to the case instead of bulldozing right through it, but in the end it does feel kind of wasted when we all know who the murderer is so there’s not really much point in giving the viewers time to figure it out. For the record, this is the last case where it spoils the culprit before the chapter even begins – and I seriously hope the anime doesn’t do it in the next case, because the game doesn’t.

Unfortunately though I just don’t think that the courtroom segments are translating well into animation at all. I expected at much, it’s a whole load of talking – and they try to do their best with it but it really does just feel like watching someone play the game here. I think the show is a lot more enjoyable during the investigation segments, because that’s when things look really different to how you see it only from Naruhodou’s POV in the game.

But even more unfortunate? That goddamn animation. Holy shit, and to think I thought it had improved in the last episode. Maybe it just looks worse in the courtroom scenes? I would like to think so, but it seemed pretty wonky everywhere else too – and Konaka seemed to look like he was constantly mid-stroke. I’m still really disappointed at this but at the same time, it would be repetitive to point it out in every single review, so I guess from now on I’ll only try to comment on it when it improves – or if/when it gets worse somehow. At least it’s entertaining.

People have really been hating on this anime a lot, and while I agree with the complaints about how it looks – I sincerely think that’s the only thing wrong with it. I keep hearing others saying its a barebones game adaptation, but I cant help but disagree  – there are still plenty of nice touches here and there and like I’ve already said, seeing scenes play out instead of just being text is a bonus. The ‘OBJECTION!’ word balloons flying around is pretty silly, but hey, it’s Ace Attorney. Dangan Ronpa will always be my yardstick for ‘this is literally just someone playing the game’ adaptations, and its still leagues ahead of that.

Konaka has some…interesting taste in decor

I bet he felt so proud of himself for this entry.

At first I capped this because I thought Maya looks kinda cute, and now I notice how wonky her eyes are, but that’s this show’s animation for ya

Out of 5,