Yup, it’s official. I’m going to be blogging this series for the spring anime season.

Darn, I’m kinda craving fast food fries now…


In this episode, Sakamoto witnesses a classmate named Kubota getting extorted by some bullies. Since Kubota asks for help in dealing with his bully problem, Sakamoto helps out—by bringing Kubota to a fast food restaurant and getting them both jobs there. Although Kuboto soon learns to enjoy his job, he is still being picked on by the bullies. Fortunately for Kubota, becoming Sakamoto’s friend earns you some benefits…

I snorted at this scene, because wow, unnecessary fanservice.

Sakamoto: 1, Bullies: -2

In the second act, Sakamoto gets preyed on by a girl named Aina, who’s the most popular girl in school thanks to her looks and her wiles. Aina is determined to make Sakamoto fall for her, but Sakamoto continuously rebuffs her advances. In a last ditch effort, Aina tries to get Sakamoto to play a game of “Kokkuri-san,” but her plan is ruined by two other (female) classmates who have some beef with Aina. Because Sakamoto is just that amazing, he manages to resolve the whole mess and look cool doing it.

Someone on the Crunchyroll site said something to the effect of “if you chunnibuyou with enough confidence, you’ll come off as cool” and that… basically explains Sakamoto’s entire character, doesn’t it?

This series still gives us amazing reaction images.

My Opinion:

What I love about this series is that it’s still making me laugh, even though I’ve already read these chapters in the manga before. The comedic timing in this series is just perfect. Also, the color and animation really help to accentuate funny scenes.

I’m really glad that Kubota gets introduced in this episode. He was introduced fairly early in the manga as well, and ends up becoming Sakamoto’s friend. I really like their relationship, and also I like that the anime made Kubota look rather adorable as well. Aina on the other hand, is a somewhat forgettable character. But I do like that she became less of a brat by the end of the episode. (Also, the anime calls it “friendship” but I feel like Sakamoto managed to make two girls gay for each other, lol)

Although I have read through the manga, I barely remember the ending to the chapter featuring Aina. Was the hint that Sakamoto is possibly not human present in the manga as well? I feel like it’s less foreshadowing about Sakamoto’s origins and more of, “well, he’s just THAT cool,” but I guess we’ll see. I would actually prefer it if Sakamoto was human, because having all his “coolness” be explained away by him being magical or an alien would be lame.

Overall, this was a good episode. It’s more of the same of what we’ve seen in the first episode. If you haven’t understood the whole shtick of this series yet, then it’s basically that Sakamoto is perfect in every way. No matter what you try to do to him, he WILL manage to deal with it, and look cool doing so. There’s a bunch of anime fans calling him a “Gary Stu” because he’s too perfect… but that’s the entire point of the series. The fun lies in seeing what wacky thing Sakamoto will do next. THIS is how you do the Gary Stu/Mary Sue trope right. (And to be fair, if he were a true Gary Stu he’d have to be loved by EVERYONE, and there are still some characters out there that dislike him.)

Anyway, out of five for this episode:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

are you actually a god

My absolute favorite chapter is getting animated next week and I am excited.