Time to bring a murderer to justice!


Unable to find a lawyer due to Konaka’s influence, Naruhodou is forced to defend himself. Konaka appears as a witness, claiming to have seen Naruhodou murdering Chihiro. The testimony is seemingly flawless, but, with Mayoi’s help, he begins to uncover contradictions. Konaka insists he saw a glass light stand fall over that would not have actually been visible from the hotel window. However, Mitsurugi cleverly works around the contradiction by having Konaka admit to wiretapping Chihiro’s office and having seen the light stand when he placed the wiretap earlier. Naruhodou despairs, feeling he has no hope of proving his innocence.

Desperate to help, Mayoi uses her spirit channeling powers to summon Chihiro, who possesses Mayoi’s body to advise Naruhodou. She points out that she had purchased the light stand after the date that Konaka claimed to have seen it in her office. Naruhodo proves this to the judge using a receipt. A cornered Mitsurugi attempts to extend the trial, but Chihiro stops him by showing Konaka a list of people he has blackmailed and threatening to reveal it to the police. Trapped, Konaka confesses to murdering Chihiro.

Chihiro’s spirit leaves, but Mayoi reveals that her sister had told her to take care of the office and Naruhodou. She decides to stay and work as his assistant. The new partners head off for ramen at Mayoi’s request, while Chihiro’s spirit smiles and promises to always watch over them.



Konaka is not good at nicknames

Sadly, I have to agree with Moeronpan’s assessment that the trial segments don’t translate as well into anime format as the investigation segments. In the original games, the trials were my favorite parts, but here it’s honestly flipped, as I feel they are very talk-heavy and contain a lot of unnecessary holdovers from the game, like the zoomed-in eyes whenever a witness testifies. (I like that part, but to me it makes the anime feel more like just watching someone play the game). This case did an OK job of balancing trial and investigation, but this very trial-heavy final episode was one of the weaker so far.

However, that’s not to say it was without its good moments. Konaka Masaru is a fantastic example of the over-the-top characters that populate the Ace Attorney world, and he was given significantly more time to shine this week. Sadly, his long-winded personality meant that Mitsurugi was little more than a minor presence in this episode, but at least he was there – and looked great, and made some pretty funny facial expressions.

why is the gallery 3D and also why do they all have normal hair

The characters that really stole this episode were the Ayasato sisters, Chihiro and Mayoi. Chihiro being able to remain an active presence in Naruhodou’s life due to spirit channeling techniques seems so out there, but Ace Attorney really makes it work. Her appearing to help Naruhodou in his time of need and then encouraging Naruhodou and Mayoi to stick together and help each other out was just so sweet. I’m glad that one of the things the show has chosen to focus on is the dynamics between Naruhodou, Chihiro and Mayoi – especially the former two, as we get so little of their time as partners that it’s nice to see how much they truly care about one another.

Not his most beautiful moment

The animation continues to be fairly low quality, though there were a couple of nice looking shots of Naruhodou in court and of the sisters at the end. Personally, I feel like Mitsurugi is getting a lot of the short end of the stick in terms of design – his proportions seem constantly off, and he spent a lot of this episode with an overly small head. The quality is just so varied and spotty at this point that I don’t hold out a lot of hope for it improving, which is a bummer.

An OK episode to close out an overall solid case. Looking forward to the start of a new case next episode, as we’re going to get a lot of new characters that make even Konaka seem tame.

Out of 5 Dios:

diodio 1/2



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