THIS is the third ranked superhero? OmFG

And so, we enter the entrance exam part of the show! Things begin with an explanation of how the exam will go (in which all of the students use their quirks to defeat robots) in a controlled environment. The classmates of Izuku get some time to shine this episode while showing off their abilities to gain points. Things go normally as the smaller robots are quickly taken out, but poor Izuku still has no points as everyone elsse has destroyed them by now.

Until the biggest, no point robot shows up. Ochako Uraraka, the girl with the ability to alter gravity, is trapped under some rocks, and Izuku springs into action! His quirk finally activates, and he is able to defeat the robot, much to the shock of everyone else.

He messed himself the fuck up tho

With only one arm not shattered to pieces, however, there’s no way he’d be able to score any points, and thus, he passes out. The healer comes by to heal him, and everyone is questioning his powers – and why he acted so shy and stressed out beforehand. Welp, poor kid.

At this point in the show I was so happy to see our protag able to use his quirk, if at great cost to himself. I was thinking to myself as I watched that maybe, after all this, he’s probably not going to be able to pass his entrance exam and have to enter the uni some other way – but I guess that would just be too tragic. In the end, there were ‘hidden’ points within the exam, called ‘rescue points’, of which he scored 60 – ranking 7th overall in the exam!

And thus, he passed.


Gotta admit, I was as anxious as Izu’s mum about the results of the test, and I was thrilled he passed. I thought it was sweet that Uraraka wanted to share her points with him so that he’d pass, too. It was all very kind, and honestly, it was a perfect way to get him into the Uni, and thus, continue to progress. After all, who could turn away a hero who wants more than ever to protect everyone?

There was really no way he’d lose!

And so, we move on to the actual classes in the next few episodes. I really do look forward to seeing how Izuku will grow into his quirk and learn to control it without completely destroying himself. Hopefully, that will be handled as brilliantly as everything else has been thus far!

Out of 5,