I guess even bullies have uh… bigger bullies that they serve under?


In the first act, Sakamoto comes under the “tutelage” of a second year student named Maruyama–although he’s really just been made the errand boy for the leader of a bunch of thugs. Maruyama constantly relies on Sakamoto to do his bidding, and eventually gets so lazy that he doesn’t even want to think of errands to give to Sakamoto. So Maruyama decides to let Sakamoto decide for himself the best course of action. Predictably, this comes back to bite him.

What is this, a shampoo commercial?

The final straw that broke the camel’s back.

In the second act, Kubota asks Sakamoto to help him study or else he’ll be held back in class. Unfortunately for… well, everyone; Kubota’s mom immediately becomes smitten over Sakamoto due to his resemblance to an actor she admires. When Kubota leaves Sakamoto alone in his house one day, several rather disturbing things happen. Fortunately, Sakamoto comes out of the whole situation okay. Kubota’s mom… maybe not so much…

Nothing is scarier than a middle aged mom chasing after a high school boy.

Sakamoto: 1, Kubota’s mom: totally wrecked

My Opinion:

Whoooo my favorite chapter paired up with my least favorite chapter of the manga! At least the whole “Maruyama arc” was a bit more bearable in anime format. I still find it to be the weakest of the Sakamoto manga chapters, because I feel like Sakamoto wouldn’t be the type to be so easily bossed around like that? Oh well, at least the ultimate punch-line that Sakamoto delivers at the end was worth it.

I’m really happy with how the second act turned out. But being exposed to the story again, I do realize now that that particular chapter has some uh… unfortunate implications? As funny as it is to see Sakamoto outwit a grown woman lusting after him, it is super creepy. I’m also kinda ambivalent on how the whole situation was framed from the mom’s perspective. Yes, I guess it’s sad? But you are a grown-ass woman, with a husband and kid. You really should not be going after your son’s friend. Also, I do really dislike the whole “older women who are so caught up in romance dramas that they want their life to be like a romance drama” trope. It happens far more in other types of media than in anime, but it’s still something that leaves a bad taste in my mouth. But I digress.

The second act adapts what is probably one of the funnier chapters, and showcases some of the more ingenious ways in which Sakamoto escapes a bad situation. And it was just as amazing to see in an anime format as I expected it would be. That entire scene with the TV… Although maybe Kubota should have had the foresight to not invite Sakamoto to his house in the first place, haha.

Other than that, I did feel that the animation in this episode was a bit lower than usual. Not really bad, but still pretty noticeable. It was to be expected, but seeing as this is only the third episode I’m hoping Studio Deen hasn’t already blown their entire budget on the series. Overall, this episode was a pretty fun watch, so…

Out of five, I give this episode:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2

This scene was sad and hilarious… though mostly hilarious.