I think this screencap sums up the entire series pretty well.


This episode, we get three acts!

In the first act, Sakamoto’s antics make him the target of a hot-tempered teacher named Kakuta. Tired of always being shown-up by Sakamoto, Kakuta waits for the chance to discipline Sakamoto for getting out of line. Will he succeed, and finally knock Sakamoto off of his high horse?

No matter what he does, Sakamoto still manages to look fabulous.

In the second act, we get a look at Sakamoto’s daily high school life through a series of small snippets. When you have Sakamoto as a classmate, things are always exciting.

That apron is amazing.

Awww, this was cute.

In the third and final act, we fast-forward to summer vacation. Acchan and his friends continue to be bullies, and dig a pitfall trap in the local park. Surprisingly, Sakamoto falls for this. Even more surprisingly, Sakamoto disappears! Acchan and co. then spend the next few days searching for Sakamoto.

Sakamkoto: just that much of a gentleman.

My Opinion:

The manga chapters that went into this episode were pretty “bleh” to me, so I’m glad that the anime decided to just smush them into one episode.

First off, Kakuta finally gets some spotlight, despite appearing in the series since episode 1. He’s probably the only adult so far who’s outright hated Sakamoto, which is refreshing. What I’m not too impressed by is how Sakamoto “won” him over. Kakuta’s reaction feels a bit out of character to me, but this series thrives on people overreacting to minor crap, so I can let that slide. Also, at least Kakuta still finds Sakamoto annoying, which is better than Sakamoto immediately winning everyone over all the time. (As much as I love the “Sakamoto is a flawless human being” gag, I do like it when he still has SOME antagonists.)

The second act was cute, but got really silly at the end. Not much substance to that chapter, but it was still a fun watch.

The third act was one chapter that really benefited from getting animated. I didn’t entirely understand the punch line until now, but I guess it comes down to “Sakamoto’s so recognizable in his school uniform that you wouldn’t recognize him without it”? To be honest, the whole “plot” of that chapter always felt kind of weird to me. But at least it shows off how gay Acchan is for Sakamoto so whatever. Plus, we get to see what Sakamoto does in his free time, which is nice since we rarely get to see him outside of school/school activities.

Overall, a so-so episode. Not that strong of an episode, but thankfully still entertaining. The animation quality continues to dip a bit, but at least it’s still good when it matters.

Anyway, out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2

This scene was so much more amazing animated.