Is Mayoi ever not cute? I think not

Having been named as a potential subject by Naruhodou, the witness Ooba is forced to admit that there were more people present at the scene than she initially mentioned. Naruhodou and Mayoi head to the studio to interview them as potential witnesses. Steel Samurai‘s director, Takuya Uzai, is a sweaty, awkward man who is instantly smitten with Mayoi, envisioning her as a heroine called the Pink Princess. He shows them around the abandoned Studio 2, offhandedly mentioning an “accident” that occurred there five years ago.

The duo also meet the show’s producer, Sakura Himegami, an ice-cold, domineering woman. Rather than aiding their cause, she provides an alibi that seems to further condemn Niboshi: on the day of the murder, she and Uzai were trapped in Studio 2 by a fallen mascot head. Naruhodou is about to give up when he encounters Ootaki Kyuuta, a young Steel Samurai fanboy who frequently sneaks into the studio. He seems to have witnessed the murder, but Naruhodou is suspicious of his testimony.

At least he didn’t get an entire court segment like in the game

After an all-night Steel Samurai marathon, Naruhodou realizes the contradiction: the “Steel Samurai” Kyuuta saw was making the wrong poses, thus proving that the man in the costume was actually the victim. Kyuuta is distraught over seeing his beloved Samurai defeated, but Naruhodou gives him an inspiring speech about always doing what’s right. As a result, he shows Naruhodou his last remaining photo: the victim at Studio 2. Naruhodou confronts Himegami, who had lied about being trapped in Studio 2. She threatens Naruhodou and proudly declares that she will prove her innocence in court the following day.

Context? What context?

I think I have to agree with Moeronpan that the investigation episodes continue to be significantly stronger than the courtroom episodes. The creators of this show made what I think was a good decision here: to move most of Case 3’s courtroom segments into the investigation phase instead. That way, we still get the necessary court bits (Ooba’s interactions with Mitsurugi, and the interrogation of the culprit next episode) without feeling overloaded by court.

This episode’s greatest strength was actually the part I was dreading – the interrogation of the fanboy Kyuuta. In the game, Kyuuta’s testimonies is one of the more difficult and obnoxious to crack, because the Judge/Mitsurugi get on your case if you go too hard on him. Here, Kyuuta’s scenes were moved to the investigation phase, and Naruhodou got to give a heartwarming speech that showcased his kind, mature side. Naruhodou is such a goofy, clumsy character that it’s nice to get to see him have a more serious, heartfelt moment. His interactions with Mayoi also continue to be adorable as they navigate through interactions with the rather…interesting…witnesses in this episode.

Well that sure is creepy

I think Episode 6’s biggest flaw was how it handled Himegami threatening Naruhodou. In the game, Himegami is implied (if not outright stated) to be involved with organized crime, and the scene where she summons her hitmen is tense and rather frightening. Detective Keisuke’s appearance is shown to be a heroic rescue, with Naruhodou and Mayoi thanking him for saving their lives. Here, the scene is really brief, who exactly Himegami’s men are is not covered, and Detective Keisuke’s entrance has little to no of its original badassery. I wish we could have gotten a little less leetspeak-filled rambling from Uzai so there would be more time for this, ultimately more plot-relevant, scene instead. Oh well, Himegami’s court battle was fun in the game, so let’s hope next week’s episode accurately portrays that.

For now, out of 5 Dios:


The anime actually managed to make Kyuuta…well, cute.


Himegami on the other hand is as intimidating as ever