They’re precious ❤

These two episodes seemed best posted together, as they deal with Izuku’s first days of school, and also the beginning of his Highschool life. The first day doesn’t start off slow, as the very first thing we’re treated to is the kids rocking their new abilities!

We meet classmates, more quirky characters, and see the shaping of what we can only assume will end up being the closer friends of Izuku. The test goes as you’d expect – Izuku gains more progress as he learns to control his power somewhat – he was able to put One For All into just his fingertip, throwing the ball in the throwing test, amazing his classmates and teachers.

Honestly, Katsuki’s reaction was probably my favourite to Izuku’s use of his quirk, and also well deserved. He really does need to be knocked down a few pegs, and thanks to me purchasing the first three volumes of the manga? I can safely say I look forward to his come uppance.

What I loved most about this episode is the further bonding between All Might and his student. It’s revealed that since All Might has passed on his powers, he is slowly but surely losing them. It’s sad to see him go, but I think we all know he’s chosen a great replacement in Izuku.

Go gadget go!

Episode 6 brings on the next test. We learn that the highschool is much like an ordinary one, except in the afternoons, they get ‘basic hero training’. This time around, each student is broken off into pairs, and they take turns fighting another pair. One set plays the villians, while the other, the hero’s.

As luck would have it, Izuku and Katsuki are paired together, and we can all guess what Katsuki’s aim is – bringing Izuku down. It was very satisfying to watch Izuku use his knowledge of Kacchan’s own battle style against him, by delivering one hell of a piledriver.


I look forward to what episode 7, and the next ones, bring.