Moeronpan had a bit of a rough week, so I ended up reviewing this week’s episode instead. She will be back to reviewing when she feels up to it.

I screamed when I saw this line was kept in

The final day of Niboshi’s trial arrives, and Mitsurugi immediately calls the true culprit, Himegami, to the stand. Naruhodou uses his new evidence, obtained from Kyuuta, to bring her alibi into question. Amused, Himegami points out that she could not have lifted the assumed weapon, the heavy Samurai Spear. Forced to prove the existence of an alternate murder weapon, Naruhodou despairs – until Kyuuta objects from the audience with an impassioned plea to save the Steel Samurai.

Inspired by Kyuuta’s display, Ooba provides the defense with a crucial piece of evidence: a photo of an accident five years ago in which this case’s victim Ibukuro had killed another actor. She explains that Himegami had covered up the incident and was using it to blackmail Ibukuro. From the photo, Naruhodou is also able to figure out the real murder weapon: a pointed fencepost outside Studio 2. He also theorizes that Ibukuro had in fact tried to kill Himegami to end the blackmail, and she pushed him onto the fence post during this confrontation.

Happy Mayoi is just so adorable

Himegami refuses to give in, as Naruhodou has no conclusive proof of his theories. However, help comes from a strange place as Mitsurugi objects. He forces Himegami to testify as to what happened after they found the body. With Mayoi’s support and Mitsurugi’s help, Naruhodou finds a contradiction: Himegami had claimed that Ibukuro was injured, when the injured party was in fact Niboshi. She had seen Ibukuro fake an injury while wearing the Samurai costume, thus conclusively placing her at the scene of the murder. Himegami breaks down and admits her guilt.

After the trial, Naruhodou thanks Mitsurugi. However, Mitsurugi becomes upset at Naruhodou, stating that he is “saddled with unnecessary feelings” and wishes never to see him again. Despite this, the case ends on a happy note, with various characters watching the new “Pink Princess” show – including a smiling Mitsurugi.

I love how chill Himegami is compared to Naruhodou

To be honest, I went into this episode with a feeling of reluctance – the all-courtroom episodes have been the weakest so far, and I was expecting to be bored throughout. However, I was pleasantly surprised. This is definitely the strongest court episode so far, thanks to some smart decisions made to change things from the game and make it overall more dynamic. Specifically, Kyuuta bursting into the courtroom and Ooba being inspired by this to give Naruhodou her evidence were two EXTREMELY well done moments that broke up the repetitive flow of “testimony, cross-examination, wash rinse repeat”. It worked nicely as well because Himegami is such a serious and stoic character, so Kyuuta and Ooba were used to add a necessary bit of levity.

These two being friends is super cute and I’m glad it was added

This episode also handled two things I had been worried about very well: Himegami’s breakdown and Mitsurugi’s doubts/helping Naruhodou. The first benefited from changes – her breakdown went from very subtle, which works alright with game sprites, to something more appropriately dramatic for the anime, where she is literally blown across the courtroom by the force of Naruhodou’s objection. Those crazy courtroom moments are what I want to see from Gyakuten Saiban! In contrast, Mitsurugi’s change of heart was a bit more subtle, but he was very clearly shown helping Naruhodou and his doubt-filled confrontation with his former friend at the end of the episode managed to be both sad and heartwarming.

Another thing I consistently love about this show is the addition of small details that enrich the overall story. The reveal at the end of the episode that Mitsurugi and Naruhodou have both kept the matching keychains from their childhoods was utterly adorable. I also loved Mayoi and Kyuuta and Ooba and Detective Keisuke becoming friends and watching Pink Princess together.

Really, I don’t have anything bad to say about this episode, and I can’t wait until the next case – it’s probably my all time favorite in the entire Gyakuten Saiban series.

Out of 5 Dios:

diodiodiodio 1/2


Even Mitsurugi’s childhood memories are color-coded