Lets do it Deku!

And so, the battle between the protagonist and his childhood ‘friend’ begins. I hesitate to call him that cause lets face it; kacchan is an asshole.

At least, you get that impression at the start.

Lo and behold, Katsuki is a result of too much praise. There is something to be said about children who are considered brilliant and perfect from the tender age of 4, and always treated as much, as to how they grow up. Katsuki is certainly a result of what happens to those children; they either become arrogant douchebags or hyper anxious. In this case, its the former.

The former of whom struggles with accepting help when he needs it, as displayed when he freaks out at Deku for offering a hand when he falls in a river. A lot of people have compared Katsuki to Vegeta, and I’ve gotta admit, I can easily see the similarities.

Except, you know, this time Kacchan is on the good guys side.

Meanwhile, All Might struggles between stopping the fight in what should be a simple simulation of hero vs villian, but he acknowledges that this fight needs to happen – and it really does.

Meanwhile this nerd really steals the show.

The end result is Deku using One for All to blast the floor down rather than punching his childhood friend – which ultimately kinda bothers me. I think that Kacchan could’ve done with a thorough punching to put him in his place.

We can only hope that this will do the trick, cause this kid really needs to be taken down a few pegs.



out of 5,