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A new rival appears!

Episodes 5 and 6 Summary:

In episode 5, Sakamoto manages to attract the attention of Hayabusa, the second-year delinquent boss. After finding out that Sakamoto badly scared Maruyama (the first-year delinquent boss), Hayabusa calls Sakamoto out and challenges him to a fight. Although Sakamoto decides to brush it off initially, Hayabusa’s cronies shave off Kubota’s hair in retaliation; so Sakamoto goes to meet with Hayabusa to avenge his friend. The two have a “fight” of sorts, which just has to be seen to be believed.

Glad the see the sparrow from episode 1 is still making appearances.

The most intense game of sumo-push you will ever see.

In episode 6, Sakamoto becomes idolized by a bunch of grade school boys. The first half of the episode details his adventures with them.

Man, it’d probably be really fun just to follow Sakamoto around for a day.

Sakamoto’s apprentices?

In the second half of the episode, we focus on a girl named Megumi, whose hobby is secretly taking photos of Sakamoto. She eventually notices (from her photos) that Sakamoto is being haunted by a ghost. Although she wishes to tell him about it, Megumi worries that she’ll out herself as sort of a stalker in the process. Eventually, Megumi realizes what the ghost is trying to do, and manages to come to terms with her own feelings as well.

Megumi isn’t the only stalker here.

It’s honestly hard for me to feel TOO sorry for Megumi, since what she’s doing IS a severe violation of someone’s privacy but… eh.

Both episode 5 and 6 contain a few shorts scattered throughout as well.

My Opinion:

Sakamoto continues to be a great series. Episode 5 adapts one of the more, uh, action-y chapters. The “fight” between Sakamoto and Hayabusa is so much more amazing in an anime format, and I’m just really glad I got to see that scene animated. I also like how this series characterizes the delinquent characters. Yes, they sometimes break the rules, but they’re also unexpectedly loyal to one another. And in Hayabusa’s case, they’re also somewhat noble. The delinquents in this anime just have so much more depth than in other series, and that’s really refreshing. The ending to the “Hayabusa arc” was really sweet as well.

Because episode 5 was so good, episode 6 had a hard time topping that. Admittedly, episode 6 is much slower-paced episode (not as much happened) but it was still a fun watch. Watching Sakamoto being admired by a bunch of kids was cute to see, and I’m glad that he doesn’t patronize them or anything; but instead just goes along with their games.

The second act of the episode (with Megumi) was also sorta heartwarming to see. Even ghosts can’t resist Sakamoto’s good looks, haha. But I am glad that Megumi realized how wrong it was to secretly take photos of someone, and gained the confidence to take photos of Sakamoto with his permission.

Overall, these were good episodes; but I do think episode 5 was just a tad better than episode 6. Episode 6 also suffered from some pretty serious QUALITY ANIMATION as well, and I have to knock off a few points for that. Kind of off-topic, but I really love the relationship Sakamoto has with the sparrow from episode 1. That’s just adorable.

Anyway, out of five for episode 5:

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Out of five for episode 6:

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Don’t ever get between Sakamoto and his fangirls.