Seriously, Sakamoto’s relationship with the sparrow is really adorable.


Atsushi and his buds want to rent some porn videos at a local video rental store, despite being underaged. Spotting Sakamoto, they hold his favorite film hostage in exchange for him getting the porn vids for them. Thus, Sakamoto does as he’s told. But, can he pass the trial of actually renting out the videos?

Being that popular must be tiring.

In the next act, it is sports day at the school. Sena and the other male students decide to team up to take Sakamoto down–or at least humiliate him in front of the school so that they can get some chances with the ladies as well. Unfortunately for them, Sakamoto is a nearly unstoppable force.

It’s sort of a fandom meme that Sakamoto’s mom is Bayonetta… and to be honest I am cool with that theory.

do you guys want to humiliate him or kill him…?

My Opinion:

A so-so episode. Not really as funny as past episodes, but still an entertaining watch.

I found the first act to be the stronger act. I already love how seriously everyone takes every minor situation, but the comedy is amplified when it’s about something that’s already kinda embarrassing to talk about (i.e. porn vids). I’m sad I was unable to take a proper screencap of the scene with Sakamoto spinning around in the 18+ section of the store, with all those mosaics and blur effects. But really, I mainly just love the fact that even Atsushi and his gang aren’t hardcore enough to go into the 18+ section of the store. Only thing I have to gripe about is that they left out the best part of the chapter when they adapted it. In the manga version, the very last panel has added text saying something to the effect of: “and Atsushi’s brother became a legend for renting and returning a record number of porn vids in such a short amount of time.” I suppose it’d be super weird to suddenly add in a narrator for just that act, but that’s probably one of my favorite lines in the series so I’m kinda sad it got cut.

Second act was alright. Admittedly, I’m not that fond of Sera, but I do sort of like the idea of everyone teaming up to try to beat Sakamoto at sports. That’s at least something new. Only criticism I have is that some of their tactics are really underhanded, and a few things that they pulled could have seriously injured Sakamoto. They were planning on dropping him during the tower segment after all. But I guess they just kinda forgot about it because Sakamoto just magically appears on the ground in the next scene… alright then. Also, targeting Sakamoto seems dumb when they’re on the same team; which means that they’re actively sabotaging themselves in the games; but you know what, whatever. What Sera ultimately pulls to save the face of Yagi was kind of sweet I guess? Doesn’t really “make up” for what he did to Sakamoto, but at least it redeemed him as a character somewhat.

Anyway, things seem to get getting really serious next episode, and the anime seems to be finally adapting some chapters that I haven’t read yet. Will Sakamoto finally meet his match? I guess we’ll have to find out next week.

Out of five for this episode:

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This was probably the best scene from act 2.