Sakamoto desu ga?/Haven’t you heard? I’m Sakamoto Episode 8

Although I try to keep spoilers to a minimum, it can’t be helped for this episode. So beware, there are SPOILERS in this review!

Festivals, the one time that the status quo can be ignored.


It’s time for the school culture festival! Being first-years, Sakamoto’s class is in charge of the displays; with the theme being paranormal stuff. Since all they have to work with is balloons, Sakamoto’s classmates don’t exactly feel all that motivated to make good displays. Nonetheless, Sakamoto helps everyone have a good time. Everyone, except for two students, that is. After being told off by a classmate, the two go off to sulk.


Meanwhile, a mysterious older man named Fukase appears on the school grounds. After conversing with Hayabusa and his gang, Fukase decides to make Sakamoto his “target.” Seeing the sulking boys from Sakamoto’s class, Fukase decides to use them as pawns to set up his “game.”

Fukase is sleazy as hell.

The next day, Sakamoto’s classmates arrive at school and find that their displays have all been slashed. Even worse, there are now wanted posters posted all around the school… saying that Sakamoto is the culprit! Because there is such a large monetary reward posted for him, Sakamoto is immediately targeted by much of the school, and thus has to briefly go into hiding. Sakamoto eventually gets cornered by the other students after Fukase finds him, but Hayabusa and his gang bust him out of trouble. At Hayabusa and co.’s hideout, Hayabusa tells Sakamoto just who Fukase really is. Sakamoto then realizes what Fukase is attempting to do and rushes back to his classroom.

This is probably the most trouble Sakamoto has ever gotten in.

Because of his actions, Sakamoto is greeted coldly by his classmates. But, thanks to some quick-thinking on his part, Sakamoto manages to not only win back the trust of his classmates, but also out the culprits in the process.


My Opinion:

Sakamoto desu ga? really is a much better series when you go into it not knowing what’s going to happen. This episode covers a chapter in the manga that I had not read yet, and I found this episode to be amazing. Even if I had known what was going to happen, I do think that this is probably one of the best episodes of Sakamoto yet.

One of the reasons why this episode is so good is because Sakamoto finally has to face a rival that nearly manages to “beat” him. If it weren’t for Hayabusa, Sakamoto would have been in a lot of trouble. Can I also just say how utterly terrifying Fukase is? He is probably one of the scarier (and also more despicable) antagonists in any anime that I have seen… and that is saying a lot since this anime is typically a comedy/slice-of-life one. He freaking ruined Hayabusa’s face! Also, there is something really damn unsettling about a middle-aged man psychologically manipulating high school teens. Apparently Fukase is still technically in high school because he was held back… despite being in his 30s and being divorced two times? Alright then, anime. The dude sure puts Akira from Tsuritama to shame.

Can I also just say that the way Sakamoto handled the situation was kind of genius? Sakamoto quickly realizes what Fukase’s plot is, and devises a way to out the two culprits without destroying his dignity and pride. Sakamoto’s ingenuity is honestly what makes this series so much fun to watch.

Overall, a great episode. Probably one of the “darker” and more tense episodes as well, since Fukase is just that damn terrifying. Other than Fukase, we get a lot of cameos from Sakamoto’s classmates, which is nice.

Out of five for this episode:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2

After Sakamoto, Hayabusa’s become my favorite character of this series.

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