Hey, I’m back! I was really snowed under with getting a book together to sell at Supanova next week, but now that it’s done I can get back to reviewing the pointy pointing lawyer show.
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ok less advertising more lawyering. Also, spoilers.

Naruhodo and Mayoi try to get some info out of the boat caretaker at the lake, but he’s incredibly senile and doesn’t seem to understand anything. His pet parrot is actually more help than he is, and he explains to them that she often helps him remember things that he can’t, which is a lot. As the two are leaving, the parrot suddenly mentions ‘DL-6’. Could there really be a link between the two cases or is it a coincidence? (spoiler: of course it isn’t a coincidence come on)

Just in case, Naruhodo decides to check out the files for the DL-6 case to see if there may be any clues for this one, but is shocked to discover that apparently Karuma arrived at the precint before him and took all the Dl-6 files himself. Could he really be trying to hide the connection between the cases from Naruhodo, or was it just a coincidence? (spoiler – of course it wasn’t a coincidence)

Back in court, the old man has been called as a witness as he says that he saw Mitsurugi walk past his window after hearing the gunshots. It seems like the final nail in Mitsurugi’s coffin, until the day is saved by Yahari , a surprise witness who was also there the night of the murder. Because he was out on the lack rescuing his blown up Steel Samurai balloon, he also heard gunshots…however, his testimony proves that there were actually three gunshots, not two – the first happening almost 10 minutes before the others. From this, Naruhodo realises that the gunshot that killed the victim in the case was actually not one of the ones witnessed out on the lake, and neither of the men in the boat was the victim. Rather, it was Mitsurugi and the true murderer, who after murdering the victim beforehand, assumed the victims identity, went with Mitsurigi onto the lake and then framed him for murder by shooting the water to create witnesses and swimming off. Which would also mean that the most likely murderer is the boat caretaker.

There’s just one problem – when the court tries to bring him back in for a new testimony, they realise he’s scarpered.

I’m glad this show is still giving us such great reaction images.

Mayoi is cute as always.

I like this little visual touch of showing how many people wanted to see the trial.

Aw man, I was hoping that my grand return to reviewing AA would let me have the episode with the most infamous cross-examination in the entire game, but alas. That’s not till the next episode.

That aside, I did like this episode.

I haven’t really liked many (or..any?) of the court segments in the anime so far but this one was a lot better done all around. There was a bit more of that sense of urgency that’s in the games and that Naruhodo wasn’t just magically coming up with the answers on his own out of nowhere. There was, actually, some degree of suspense here. There were even some pretty decent closeups and character animation moments, stuff that  wouldn’t really stand out that much in most other anime with a decent budget attached but here they really do stand out against the relatively wooden courtroom segments before them.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it a million more times: this show is far from perfect, but this episode it at least felt more fun watching moments I’ve played so many times in the game in a different format. I’m really looking forward to the next episode, for reasons anyone who has played the game will know.

ok i laughed at this

RIP SS balloon

nice face, karuma

Out of 5,