Sakamoto desu ka?/Haven’t you heard? I’m Sakamoto Episode 10

Sakamoto, laying down the philosophy.


In act 1, Sakamoto gets invited to a mixer because one dude bailed on two guys and they needed a replacement–nevermind that Sakamoto’s not even old enough to drink! Anyway, the two guys attempt to woo three lovely ladies, and end up stomping on eachothers’ attempts. However, they quickly realize that Sakamoto is their real enemy because his charm is just TOO POWERFUL. They try to sabotage Sakamoto; but we all know what happens when you try to sabotage Sakamoto…

Get your hands off of Sakamoto you sleezy jerk-wad.
Sakamoto, you really need to learn how to turn off the charm.

In act 2, we get a Hayabusa-centric act! After his mom passed away, Hayabusa’s dad has been dating ladies in an attempt to get remarried. He finally manages to meet a rather well-off lady, and asks Hayabusa to come with him to eat at a fancy French restaurant with the two of them. Since Hayabusa is afraid of making his dad look bad in front of the new lady, Hayabusa asks Sakamoto for help in teaching him some manners. But Sakamoto has some other plans…

This would probably be my face as well if I learned that I had to attend a super fancy dinner that very night.

Anyway, some stuff happens, and Hayabusa soon learns that sometimes people aren’t all that they appear to be. He and Sakamoto also forge a closer bond in the process.

A delinquent’s one weakness: snails.

My Opinion:

Okay, I know that Sakamoto desu ga? is a series that with a premise that works because it’s so silly despite everyone acting so dead serious about everything; but I’ve actually been kind of disappointed in these last few episodes. It’s gotten to the point where even *I* find the episodes to be a little TOO silly.

I wasn’t too fond of the first act. It wasn’t silly in a funny way; it was just kind of dumb, if I had to be perfectly honest. The execution for all the jokes was so bizarre, so the humor fell flat for me there. The only clever bit was the karaoke bit, I guess.

The second act still felt lacking to me, but it was at least saved because Hayabusa featured prominently. I mean… Sakamoto tends to be pretty clever but his idea in this act was just stupid, I’m sorry. The world Sakamoto lives in must be inhabited by idiots if no one could see through his paper-thin disguise/get-up. At least the last few minutes of the act were saved by Hayabusa being an absolute BAMF and also showing off how much he cares about his family. Can I just say that I really like that his mom was apparently also a badass? How did Hayabusa’s dad score a lady like that?

Overall… I’m still kind of disappointed in this episode, but at least it was an entertaining watch. Honestly, I feel like the series hit its peak at episode 8. Episode 8 marked the first time that Sakamoto actually met his match; but that then means that every episode afterwards pales in comparison. As fun as it is to see Sakamoto god-mode through life, I do like seeing him actually being challenged from time to time. At least all the focus on the series’ side-characters has been nice.

Anyway, out of five for this episode:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2

(if only because of Hayabusa’s prominence in this episode)

I’m always down for more appearances from Hayabusa.

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